5 Tips for Keeping Your Boat in Perfect Shape

There’s no better feeling than coming home with your very own boat from South Florida Yachts—except, maybe, cruising out for the first time!

Wondering how to keep your boat in perfect shape, trip after trip? We can help! Just read on as we share five tips for caring for your boat and maintaining that “new-boat feel.” Take a look.

Use your boat

One of the best ways to keep your boat looking and running its best? Use it!

We know, that advice is pretty easy to follow. But regularly using your boat comes with some helpful perks. You’re regularly rinsing it, for starters, which is a suggested step—especially if you’re coming in from an ocean excursion as you’ll want to prevent any corrosion from the salt in the water. Regularly taking out your boat can also help you keep your engine running smoothly, and will allow you to notice potential stains or spots to address before they have a chance to set in.

Rinse away

When it comes to rinsing your boat, it’s best to opt for a double-duty approach. Give your boat a good rinse once, right after you’ve left the water, and then at home or your local marina for regular cleanings. Use a finer spray when it comes to your deck, doors and other spots where water can potentially settle in. Save the higher-powered rinsing for the overall exterior, where you’re focused most on clearing away the leftover salt. While you’re rinsing, be sure to cover your boat’s trailer, too, to keep it operating smoothly.

Opt for a mild, marine-friendly soap

A mild soap-and-water mixture is the bulk of what you will need for maintaining the overall look of your boat. You can pick up an eco-friendly marine soap for wash days, while keeping a simple soap-and-water solution on board for small clean-up jobs as they happen.

Because your boat has such a large surface area, you’ll want to wash it in parts—otherwise, if you apply soap to the entire boat all in one step, you’ll find that parts of it have dried before you’re even able to rinse it down. Focus on the bow first, for example, and work your way back to ensure a brilliant shine with no soapy residue.

Cover up

Keeping your boat covered from the elements is a great way to ensure that it looks better, longer—plus, there will be less debris for you to clear away before your next trip! If you aren’t able to cover up your boat entirely when it’s not in use, you can still help protect it by applying a basic windshield cover as you travel out to your next destination.

Apply wax for a fresh-from-the-showroom shine

Once in a while, you can go the extra (nautical) mile and apply wax for a brilliant shine! It’s the ultimate way to boost your boat’s overall sheen, all while helping protect against sun exposure and buildup that comes with life on the water.

Long beyond the day you bring home your brand-new boat, these tips can help you keep it looking and running its best! Enjoy the confidence of a well-cared-for boat on your next adventure… and many more to come.