What’s Biting in South Florida This Fall?

For much of the country, fall marks the end of warm, sunny fishing days on the water—but not here in South Florida! In fact, our waters will soon be filled with “snowbird” fish who want to escape the colder waters they spent the summer in, which means some seriously fun fishing lies ahead.

Just read on as we explore what’s biting this season!


Once the heat of summer has cooled down, September marks the beginning of bonefish season for South Florida. This shimmery fish looks like a diamond in the water, and can often be observed in shallow-water destinations, from Palm Beach down to the flats of Biscayne Bay. Fly fishing is a popular way to land one of these shiny-scaled swimmers, either from the deck of your bay boat or by jumping right into the water!


As we progress further into fall, be on the lookout for whopper cobia. This fast-moving fighter of a fish is a thrill to catch—or even to try to catch. Head offshore for a chance at the formidable cobia, and use a combination of chumming and brightly colored jigs to work up attention underwater.


Did you know that Stuart is the Sailfish Capital of the World? Our waters are filled with opportunities to try for this famous fish, known for its striking, blue dorsal fin and long bill that makes it an instantly recognizable catch. To land a sailfish of your own, be prepared for a fast-paced adventure—sailfish are the world’s quickest fish with top speeds reaching nearly 70 miles per hour! Opt for trolling or kite fishing to attract this prized catch when it’s on the move.


Snapper may not be a “snowbird” like some of its fellow fall catches—South Florida anglers know that this fish, a common fixture of the local scene, can be found winter, spring, summer and fall! Still, catching a big, colorful snapper is a timeless thrill, and a proud photo-op moment to boot. To land a serious snapper, know that the largest fish tend to love live bait. Look for snapper around structure such as reefs, mangroves, wrecks and similar areas.


Known for its slender shape, vivid stripes, and speed in the water, wahoo is another favorite for many anglers. Head offshore to find wahoo where it’s most comfortable going fast, and where you can keep up with the action through trolling with live bait, with squid being one popular option.

You know what’s biting—but do you still need the perfect way to get out on the water and cast your line? If so, we can help! Call or visit South Florida Yachts today to find your dream ride, or sell your boat and pick out an upgrade. We’re here to help make your on-the-water adventures even better, this fall and all year long.