How to Entertain on Your Boat This Fall

Fall is the festive season, a time for gathering with friends and family over delicious food and meaningful moments! The postcard version of this season often features cold days, falling leaves and firelit dinners—but here in South Florida, we do things a little differently. Where else can you enjoy harvest-season get togethers on the water, with little more than a light sweater to keep you warm?

If you’re looking for ways to entertain on your boat this fall, we’ve got you covered. Just read on as we share a few of our favorite ideas.

Maximize your entertaining space

When you think “on-board entertaining,” your mind might jump to images of big, beautiful yachts with plenty of room above and below deck. These kinds of vessels are, of course, perfect for on-the-water gatherings, but smaller rides can still get in on the fun just as easily! Maximize your on-board entertaining space by stowing away loose items like gear, extra snacks, towels and more. (Build-in storage benches and other “hidden” options, many of which can be found in our inventory of Robalo boats, are perfect for this!)

When you’re entertaining at home, you might extend the party out from your dining room to the patio, or from the kitchen to the family room. You can do the same thing on your boat! Dock by a favorite beach or popular waterfront plaza where you can easily explore beyond your boat; or opt for a lively raft-up, a South Florida tradition in which friends and family bring several boats together (at a convenient meeting spot, like a marina or sandbar hangout) to enjoy quality time together.

Opt for easy, delicious eats

Don’t worry about planning an elaborate menu for your fall gathering! The best on-board eats are both simple and satisfying. If you’re throwing an on-the-water brunch, opt for classics like pastries and fruit salad, which can be enjoyed without requiring a traditional table or chairs. For evening get-togethers, you can’t go wrong with a delicious charcuterie for effortless elegance! Bring together bite-sized meats, cheeses, pretzels and other savory bites for a truly memorable meal that requires hardly any prep-time.

For effortless cleanup…

Reusable plates and cutlery are perfect for effortless cleanup, and they’re also good for the on-the-water environment!

Bring spare clothes and blankets

Even South Florida fall can be a little brisk come nightfall—so if your party extends into the evening hours, or it simply happens to be a cooler day, be sure to bring along spare clothes and blankets so that you’re prepared for a sudden temperature drop or inadvertent splash.

Create a party playlist

Now’s the time to put the finishing touches on your on-the-water gathering. Whether you opt for modern pop, smooth jazz, or Caribbean-infused coastal rhythms, use your phone plus a simple outdoor speaker to create a playlist that will inspire the easygoing mood of your get-together. With the right boat, you already have a ready-made entertaining space perfect for fall and all year long! When you’re in search of that ideal ride, we’ve got you covered—browse our inventory and call or visit us today to learn more.