Happy holidays, South Florida! Our beautiful, balmy weather makes for excellent year-round cruising and some serious holiday fun. Take a look below to discover a few festive events ahead.

26th Annual Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade

Our favorite cruising parade is back! We are a proud sponsor of the 26th Annual Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade on Dec. 5 at 6 p.m. The parade and traveling fireworks display will travel from the Intracoastal Waterway from North Palm Beach to the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, giving you and your family a fun event to enjoy against the backdrop of our beautiful winter weather.

Annual Toy Drive

As parade sponsors, South Florida Yachts is also a proud drop-off destination for toys as part of the 20th Annual Toy Drive benefiting Toys for Tots and Little Smiles! Perhaps more than ever, we’re reflecting on all the things for which we’re most thankful—and this holiday season provides a great way to spread some cheer and give back to those in need.

Meet the manatees

Although West Palm Beach’s beloved Manatee Lagoon is temporarily closed to visitors, the manatees didn’t get the memo! You can visit virtually via live cam and see the manatees congregate on cold days in waters warmed by the local Florida Power and Light facility. Of course, manatees can be found all throughout South Florida at this time of year, so keep an eye out for these gentle giants (or “sea cows”) as you cruise through the intracoastal and other aquatic destinations this holiday season.

Have fun finding the ultimate family gift

Whether you’re bringing home a new boat for the holidays, or simply want to “window shop” as you think about your dream ride, we here at South Florida Yachts are here to help make it a memorable season! Visit us at Riviera Beach to see our lineup of family cruisers and fishing boats in person, including the latest from Robalo, the spacious 2021 R360!

Cruise to tropical holiday tunes

The right playlist can make your holiday cruising even better! Switch up your music routine with tropical, beach-inspired holiday hits (like “Mele Kalikimaka” or “Christmas in the Sand”) for the perfect festive ambiance.

We hope these ideas help you and your family enjoy this holiday season to the fullest! This season and all year long, we’re here to help you discover South Florida’s boating scene with area insights, broker services and, of course, help finding the greatest gift of the year—a boat of your own.

This fall, Robalo unveiled its biggest boat yet—the 2021 Robalo R360—at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Now, just in time for the holidays, you can view that very show weekend model right here at South Florida Yachts!

We invite you to visit our Riviera Beach location to see this beautiful new center console in person! In the meantime, read on as we share a closer look at the ins and outs of the R360.

A cruising trendsetter

Ever the on-the-water trendsetter, Robalo’s latest is making waves—and for good reason! Bringing unparalleled size and style to the center console class, the R360 boasts an LOA of 36’6” and a beam of 11’4”, plus a 350-gallon fuel capacity that lets you broaden your horizons and explore even further.

Smart, spacious seating

The R360 isn’t just spacious—it’s smart about how it uses that ample square footage, too, with a cabin, three forward-facing helm seats with flip-up bolsters, a gorgeous bow and ample room to unwind. Define your own adventure with the comfort and flexibility you deserve in a center console!

The angler’s best friend

While the R360 makes for an excellent all-around family cruiser, it also has features that are sure to wow even the most avid anglers, such as twin 100-gallon fish boxes, a Dual Simrad 16″ NSS16 EVO3 Color Displays and more. Land your biggest catch yet on Robalo’s biggest boat yet.

Signature style

It wouldn’t be a Robalo without the signature style we know and love! From a built-in JL Audio sound system that lets you enjoy your cruising lifestyle to the fullest, to a sleek, seafaring design that can’t help but capture attention on the water, this is one beautiful boat.

Discover the R360 in person South Florida Yachts is proud to have the brand-new R360 as part of our cruising lineup! Visit our Riviera Beach location to get an even closer look at the latest boat and maybe even bring home the gift of the season. You can also check it out at the 2021 Stuart Boat Show in January. We can’t to see you and show you the ins and outs of this one-of-a-kind ride!

Robalo’s biggest boat yet is almost here – and as your trusted Robalo dealer, South Florida Yachts can’t wait to see you cruise off in this stylish, spacious new center console!

Meet the R360

As cruisers across the globe eagerly await a closer look at the R360, here is what we know so far: This spacious center console is the beloved fishing brand’s biggest boat yet, sporting the streamlined look you know and love from Robalo—plus, as its name might suggest, all-around style and function to fuel your greatest fishing adventures.

Click here to learn more about the latest cruiser from Robalo Boats, and to see it for yourself before the boat is unveiled at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

And of course, be sure to stay tuned to South Florida Yachts as we share more information about this brand-new ride. Interested in bringing home your very own? Stop by or call us today!

You know South Florida Yachts as the choice local destination for buying a beautiful new Robalo, as well as inventory boats of all brands, shapes and sizes—but did you know that we can also help you sell your boat as you plan to upgrade or make your next big move? Now is a great time to sell, and we’re here to help you make it happen. Just read on to see four top reasons to sell your boat this season.

Get the best deal of the year

Here at South Florida Yachts, now is the ideal time to sell your boat. We are the area’s preeminent experts on brokering yachts, family fishing boats and cruisers of all types, and have the insights needed to get you the best possible price during this exciting time for the market.  

Fuel your holiday and 2021 plans

With the holidays and a new year on its way (we’re just as surprised as you are!), there could not be a better time to earn a windfall for your beautiful boat. We know boats, and know the features that can help your boat sell at a price that reflects its true value—so why go it alone? Let us help you broker a sale so that you can enjoy total peace of mind at every step of the way.  

Following a year where so much has been out of our control, selling your boat at the best possible price is sure to be one of the greatest gifts of the season.

Make room for more splashing fun…

For many boat owners, their decision to sell is based on a need for more space. Just like families may outgrow their home and start searching for a new one, so too may boat owners consider a boat with more square footage, seating, storage or built-in fishing features! With 2021 on its way and so many new models on the horizon—such as the beautiful Robalo R360 Center Console—it is an exciting time to sell your boat as you embark upon the process of picking a new one.

… or downsize for your dream ride

Perhaps you find yourself in another boat (pun intended), and want to downsize for a more streamlined ride—such as a gorgeous, go-anywhere bay boat. Let us help you sell your current ride and find it a great new home, so that you can cruise away in a sleek new ride that suits your on-the-water style.

We hope that today’s guide helps inspire your next exciting on-the-water move! For all things boat buying and selling, South Florida Yachts is your go-to local expert. Contact us or visit today to learn more.

Back-to-school season is here, and fall will follow before you know it! Of course, here in South Florida, warm weather and sunny skies allow the cruising fun to continue all year long. Read on as we share a few fun ways to celebrate the season from your very own boat.

Learn about local history…

This year, you can step—or, rather, cruise—into living history with your family! Supplement your child’s studies by exploring some of South Florida’s beautiful waterfront history. From the Jupiter Inlet Light, which once served as a Navy Radio Detection Finding Station during World War II, to the Miami Marine Stadium, which has hosted high-profile visitors like Sammy Davis, Jr., Elvis Presley, President Nixon and more, there is no shortage of history to be discovered from the comfort of your very own boat!

… and nature, too

An on-the-water adventure is a great opportunity to learn about science and nature, too! Your curious child will enjoy discovering the physics behind your boat cutting through the water and the wake it leaves behind, or the way weather develops on the water and leads to one-of-a-kind displays of rain, wind and lightning over the horizon (hopefully long after you’ve returned to shore, of course).

Study in a splashing new environment

We’ve all been there—when it’s a tough set of homework problems or complicated work project, sometimes it helps to get out of your current environment to get the creative juices flowing! Find inspiration on the open water, where your child can catch up on reading as you idle or simply take a much-need break when it matters most. In fact, studies show that exposure to fresh air, natural light and outdoor views can help improve productivity and overall wellbeing—so what better reason to take a breather on the water?

Make the most of downtime

During a busy school year, in which you’re shuffling from school to work to extracurriculars and beyond, spare time feels extra special! Make the most of it by enjoying fun, just-because boat trips with the family. After all, who says Tuesday afternoon can’t be the perfect time for an after-school adventure? Or that Sunday dinner has to happen on land? Write your own rules and enjoy family fun on the water all school year long.

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy back-to-school season to the fullest!

Not on the water just yet? We can help. As the go-to destination for boats for sale in West Palm Beach and the surrounding South Florida area, we have the cruisers, yachts and family fishing boats you’re looking for, including our lineup of renowned Robalo Boats and beyond. Just call or visit us today to learn more.

As we head into fall boating season, you may be looking for ways to continue a safe, socially distant routine on the water! Though many of South Florida’s beaches and waterways are often abuzz with fellow boaters, there are still plenty of ways to keep your distance on the water for a fun, safe trip. Take a look below for some helpful tips.

Keep your distance from popular boating and raft-up spots…

As recently reported in the Sun-Sentinel, certain spots such as Lake Boca—a beautiful lagoon just north of the Boca Raton Inlet—are seeing large crowds rafting up, creating an on-the-water scene that is not conducive to social distancing guidelines. While it’s no surprise that destinations like Lake Boca are so popular among boaters, it is important to avoid large gatherings just like you would on land (though spending a day on the water with members of your household is absolutely okay!).

… and find fun, serene alternatives!

Now is a great time to seek out those hidden gems you’ve heard about—the out-of-the-way fishing holes, the quieter beaches just a few miles upshore, the sandbars so small and personal they feel like your own private island escape. South Florida is home to some seriously beautiful waterfront hubs, of course, but for every bustling hot spot there is a quieter alternative right around the corner. (Compare the lively scene at South Beach, for example, to the more serene shores and stomping grounds of Key Biscayne.)

Put technology on your side

One great way to check on the crowds (or, hopefully, lack thereof) at your cruising or beach destination of choice is to head online! In addition to checking on social media, you can use live beach and sandbar cams to monitor crowds throughout the day to identify what spots you may want to visit or avoid.

Mask up when needed

Even while keeping your distance, there are several places where you might come close to your fellow boaters back on land—at the dock or marina, for example, or the fuel station or even grocery store as you pick up some pre-trip snacks. As always, mask up for your safety and peace of mind (and that of your neighbors!) and enjoy the trip ahead.

Get an early start

Finally, for a better shot at avoiding large crowds, get an early start to your day! You can have fun fishing, cruising and enjoying the scenic surroundings all before lunch rolls around—plus, knowing Florida’s weather, early excursions typically offer the best chance at seeing clear skies.

When searching for new boats Palm Beach, Stuart and Riviera Beach boaters (and those all throughout the South Florida area) turn to South Florida Yachts for our inventory, expertise and prices you’re sure to love. Call or visit us today to learn more.

As South Florida’s latest brush with the tropics shows, it pays to be prepared for whatever the weather may bring! Fortunately, it is never too late in the season to put together a preparedness plan for your boat. Read on as we share a few helpful tips to keep in mind, this summer and for future hurricane seasons, too. Take a look.

Plan ahead

Hurricane season is already underway, but you can still put together a storm safety plan for your boat in the event of the unexpected! Everyone’s plan will look a little different, but here are some key considerations to keep in mind…

  • Where will you store your boat? Will that plan change if you decide to leave town/ have to evacuate?
  • What does your boat insurance cover? Are there any potential blind spots?
  • If your boat is already stored at a local marina or even your own backyard dock, will you move it before a storm to a safer location?
  • How much will emergency storage measures cost?

Store smart

Speaking of storage…

The experts recommend storing your boat on dry land, if at all possible, to prevent potential damage caused by the movement of water during a hurricane. This may mean a dedicated storage facility, your garage (if there is enough room and clearance), or perhaps your driveway with a protective cover.

Storing your boat at the marina? Fortunately, there are still ways to make your in-water storage a little safer! Be choosy about your marina, and opt for one with floating docks and tall pilings, as opposed to short ones, to help account for sudden storm surge changes. It can also be helpful to ask your potential marina about their hurricane preparation plan, so you know exactly what to expect for your boat.

Remove loose items from your boat

Wherever you store your boat during a storm, be sure to remove loose items and accessories from on board before securing your ride. This will keep your gear safe during the storm, so you don’t need to restock later on, and will also prevent your gear from turning into flying debris during windy weather.

Stay safe during the storm

If the storm is here and you worry that your boat is not as protected as it should be, it is essential to stay safe at home and resist the temptation to go safeguard your boat (or even just check on it). One of the leading causes of hurricane-related casualties is, unfortunately, boat owners trying to protect their boat from the wind and storm surge once a hurricane has already arrived—and while we understand that you care about your boat, it can eventually be replaced if lost to a storm. But you can’t. Assure yourself total peace of mind by taking all the necessary precautions well before a storm is right around the corner.

As South Florida boaters, we know that it’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best when it comes to summer storms! We hope that these tips help you secure your boat against tropical weather, this summer and beyond. Don’t yet have a boat of your own? We here at South Florida Yachts are here to help, with beautiful, family-friendly boats for sale In West Palm Beach and the surrounding area! Call or visit us today to learn more.

Bringing home a new boat is one of life’s most exciting moments! Whether you’re searching for your first family-friendly cruiser, or are considering a new ride in the near future, here are a few must-have features to look for in your next boat. Take a look.

(Tip: Wondering where to start your search for boats for sale in West Palm Beach? With our Inventory Blowout Sale happening now, it’s never been a better time to shop with South Florida Yachts!)

Built-in storage

Think about all the items that go into every great boat trip—from the essentials, like life jackets, sunscreen and first aid kits, to accessories for your favorite wake sport, to snorkel gear, spare towels, snacks for the whole crowd…

It’s a lot! And when you’re bringing the whole family on board, it can be hard to get around on deck if lots of bags, coolers and other container are scattered all around. Fortunately, when shopping with South Florida Yachts, it’s easy to find effortless built-in storage options on your next boat! From hidden floor hatches, to built-in bow storage and, of course, somewhere to stow away your fresh catch, we know that these features make all the difference.

For the angler who loves built-in storage, one model worth checking out is the 2019 Robalo R247 Dual Console! Boasting more on-board storage than any dual console in this size rang, the R247 features convenient options everywhere you look: below the seats, in the starboard console, the bow or right below your feet!

Little luxuries

Here at South Florida Yachts, we believe that every boater deserves to enjoy a luxurious experience on board! Whether you’re considering a stylish yacht or beautiful family fishing boat, there are plenty of ways to find a ride with luxurious features built-in. Some of our favorites to look for include…

  • Comfortable, convenient privacy head compartment
  • Freshwater cockpit shower (perfect after long, sunny days on—or in—the water)
  • Wet bar for effortless entertaining
  • And more!

Spacious seating

Today’s boater wants options—a versatile ride that is perfectly sized for solo fishing or a smaller crew, while also being able to host the whole family with ease! Here at South Florida Yachts, our variety of Robalos and other premium rides feature flexible seating options at every turn—from bows with comfort-minded filler cushions, to hideaway seating that turns from comfortable chair to casting deck in seconds.

As you search for Palm Beach boats for sale, let South Florida Yachts help you find the ideal ride! With a wide selection of Robalos and other prestigious brands to choose from, we’ve got something for every kind of cruiser. Just call or visit us today to get started.

This year, hop aboard and discover a new Fourth of July tradition! South Florida boaters can conveniently cruise past a beautiful slice of American history, located just around the bend at the Jupiter Inlet Light.

Read on as we explore this one-of-a-kind local landmark, and the surprising role it played in defending the United States during World War II. Take a look and cruise along with us!

The perfect location

The beautiful Jupiter Inlet Light was first constructed in 1860, after delays caused by the Third Seminole War—but its unique location, where the Indian River meets Jupiter Inlet, has been known as a strategic meeting spot for thousands of years by those who first called the area “home.” The U.S. Army surveyors who chose the location observed the strategic setting and chose it for their own benefit, a prediction that would prove especially wise over the course of the next century.

An essential Navy asset

During World War II, the Jupiter Inlet Light served as a strategic component in the United States’ Navy defenses. Because ships carrying essential fuel and war supplies would pass by the Jupiter area after departing from Texas and the Gulf, they were often targeted by German U-Boats obscured in the offshore waters—fortunately, the location of the Jupiter Inlet Light was perfectly positioned to help defend these ships from enemy attacks.

Under the nickname of “Station J,” the Light served as the Navy’s Radio Detection Finding Station and would intercept information from the German U-Boats before they could attack, allowing the United States to counter with their own defense and regain security in this region of the Atlantic. Who knew our quiet slice of South Florida played such an essential role in safeguarding the United States during some of its largest war efforts?

Cruising Jupiter Inlet today

Though it no longer serves a military role, the Jupiter Inlet Light and surrounding area are still a marine mainstay for those who cruise the area—a beautiful landmark whose red color, and surrounding bright blue H2O, feel especially worthy of a Fourth of July visit! Though the Light is closed this Fourth of July weekend, you can still cruise along its gorgeous shores and remember its important role in history as you go—plus, you can even experience the view from atop the Light online!

And of course, the fun extends far beyond the Light as well. Venture out through Jupiter Inlet and discover a world-class fishing scene where mangrove snappers, pompano and other favorite catches abound; even further, find a challenge in popular species like sailfish and mahi-mahi, too. The bottom line? You can’t go wrong with a Fourth of July weekend cruise along Jupiter’s lush shores, especially perfect for those craving a safe, socially distanced adventure out on the water.

Wherever you cruise this Fourth of July weekend, we hope you stay safe and enjoy the ride to the fullest!

Summer is here in South Florida—and if you don’t have a boat yet, you’re likely dreaming about one! The dream might just be closer than you think. Read on to discover three key questions to ask before buying your new boat, then be sure to participate in South Florida Yachts’ Summer Inventory Blowout to find your perfect ride.

What are my favorite on-the-water activities?

When you’re thinking about your dream boat, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the abundance of on-the-water activities you hope to enjoy. What does that ideal first day on the water look like? Are you fishing with friends, or wakeboarding off a quiet channel? Or perhaps enjoying a mix of relaxed cruising and fast-paced runs up the coast? Once you have the answer to this question, your South Florida Yachts sales team can help you find the perfect build for your unique goals, whether that’s a center console, dual console, bay boat or something else.

(Tip: Here at South Florida Yachts, we believe that every boat you own has the potential to be a “dream boat!” From streamlined bay boats to beautiful yachts, our boats offer endless cruising fun for wherever you are on your boat ownership journey.)

Who will be cruising with me?

Trouble deciding on the ideal size for your boat? Think about how many people you’d like to cruise with (or, if you already have a boat, whether your current space is too crowded or just right); this will help you find a boat that’s spacious and comfortable, without being overly large for your cruising needs.

How often do I plan to boat?

The frequency of your on-the-water adventures is another helpful figure that will help you, and our team, find a boat that meets your needs on a practical level—for example, will you want to park your boat in your garage or driveway? Do you want to spend as much time on your boat as possible? Or do you perhaps plan to leave your boat at the marina and take it out for trips only during certain times of year? Every boater is different, but knowing your on-the-water routine can help us choose a boat that satisfies your maintenance and convenience needs.

And of course, be sure to consider your ideal boat ownership experience—not just life on the water, but life in between outings, too. Do you have the resources for regular maintenance, or are you looking for a boat that is easy to maintain and ready to go whenever you are? These questions can help you better chart out the logistics of boat ownership so you know exactly what to expect with each and every option. We’re here to help with that step!

We hope that today’s guide helps you choose a boat that suits, your family and your on-the-water style! Browse our inventory or stop by to see our beautiful boats in person today. We look forward to working with you.