Philanthropy, Community Outreach, and Your Yacht

You have a passion for the water and the natural beauty of your local community. Now, you can take those values and neighborhood stewardship to a new level by focusing on ways that you can assist with local goals relating to philanthropy and outreach.

Many established entrepreneurs and global marketplace leaders already support non-profit organizations focused on a variety of positive endeavors. Other yachting enthusiasts have even donated their seacraft when it’s time to get a new yacht. Read on to learn more ways you can turn your passion into real and appreciated service to others.

Foster a Strong Local Community

Perhaps you’re already part of an established Yacht Club. Along with camaraderie and celebrating a shared passion, these groups assist various charities and organizations in their communities.

That could include ensuring students at local schools have all the tools they need to succeed. You might also search for needy non-profits in the area that could benefit from a hand up. Along with funds, you could also donate your time. Some Yacht Clubs even offer incentives for members to reach out to the community in this fashion.

Team with an Established Foundation

There are many state, regional, and national foundations associated with yachting that are doing a wealth of good in the communities they serve. For instance, the U.S. Sailing Foundation brings awareness to the fun and enjoyment of being on the water. At the same time, the group awards grants to both national and worldwide organizations.

Other foundations focused on sailing awareness and community outreach include America True, Skiff Sailing Foundation, St. Francis Yacht Club Foundation, and several regional and university-affiliated outlets.

Help Educate the Next Generation

In fact, many of the funds raised through foundation support and local outreach efforts go to STEM research and education. In this way, you could be part of fostering a new generation of scientists and professionals who work toward sustaining the environment and keeping intact the base elements that make sailing possible and enjoyable.

In addition, you might consider hosting small groups of children and youth on your yacht. The lessons and insight they learn could translate into lifelong commitments and learning paths.

Donate Your Yacht

Every good yacht has a sunset period. Maybe your vessel no longer meets your needs. Or perhaps it’s just time for a change. When you donate your yacht, you can benefit from a tax deduction and help your community at the same time. Then, you can begin the search for a new yacht that ideally suits your unique lifestyle preferences and requirements.

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