Sailing Superstitions and Etiquette

Boat making circular wake in water

As long as sailors like you have been enjoying and exploring the open seas, there have been varying thoughts and traditions surrounding this favored pastime. Some superstitions have passed by the wayside with the advancement of newer technology that allows you to see all that’s occurring around you. Still, other concepts remain.

For instance, some people believe that certain activities bring bad luck, while others swear good luck can come by practicing a few basic provisions. Read on to learn more about sailing superstitions, and also basic and generally agreed upon etiquette on board a yacht personalized to your unique preferences and requirements.

Sailing Superstitions

As mentioned, some sailors through the years have been convinced that certain activities on board their craft could bring bad luck. That includes things such as whistling, sailing on certain days, and even leaving bananas behind after visiting land. By contrast, supposed good luck omens include seeing certain wildlife on your journey (such as dolphins and albatross), wearing special clothing or jewelry, and similar.

Then there are other superstitions such as stepping on board with the right foot, not shaving or cutting hair while out on the water, pouring some of your drink overboard for good measure, and watching the color of the sunset and sunrise to determine the best time to sail.

Sailing Etiquette

When you purchase a high-quality yacht that’s ideal for your specific lifestyle and use preferences, you call the shots on the water. Here’s where you can log countless enjoyable days with friends and loved ones — forging special memories that could last a lifetime.

That stated, there are some basic “rules of the water” that many sailors have abided by for years. For example, it’s best to listen to what the captain of the craft has to say and to follow their rules. This is often a safety measure more than anything else. On the water, it’s important to follow the “right of way” and yield to your fellow seacraft when appropriate and necessary.

As a responsible sailor, you already abide by the rules of the sea and make sure to always be aware of your wake, especially when vulnerable wildlife could be present. There are also tried-and-true methods concerning anchoring, harbor etiquette, environmental considerations, and similar.

Every Day Enjoyment on the Water

Of course, the number one “rule” of sailing is to truly enjoy yourself, and work to create a relaxing and pleasant experience for everyone on board your craft. That starts by selecting a well-built yacht that perfectly matches your individuality and unique personality. But you can’t just go anywhere for an outstanding yacht. Instead, you want and deserve to work with a company that has a proven track record of success, and has built a solid reputation in the communities they serve.

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