Helpful Hurricane Season Tips for Boaters

As South Florida’s latest brush with the tropics shows, it pays to be prepared for whatever the weather may bring! Fortunately, it is never too late in the season to put together a preparedness plan for your boat. Read on as we share a few helpful tips to keep in mind, this summer and for future hurricane seasons, too. Take a look.

Plan ahead

Hurricane season is already underway, but you can still put together a storm safety plan for your boat in the event of the unexpected! Everyone’s plan will look a little different, but here are some key considerations to keep in mind…

  • Where will you store your boat? Will that plan change if you decide to leave town/ have to evacuate?
  • What does your boat insurance cover? Are there any potential blind spots?
  • If your boat is already stored at a local marina or even your own backyard dock, will you move it before a storm to a safer location?
  • How much will emergency storage measures cost?

Store smart

Speaking of storage…

The experts recommend storing your boat on dry land, if at all possible, to prevent potential damage caused by the movement of water during a hurricane. This may mean a dedicated storage facility, your garage (if there is enough room and clearance), or perhaps your driveway with a protective cover.

Storing your boat at the marina? Fortunately, there are still ways to make your in-water storage a little safer! Be choosy about your marina, and opt for one with floating docks and tall pilings, as opposed to short ones, to help account for sudden storm surge changes. It can also be helpful to ask your potential marina about their hurricane preparation plan, so you know exactly what to expect for your boat.

Remove loose items from your boat

Wherever you store your boat during a storm, be sure to remove loose items and accessories from on board before securing your ride. This will keep your gear safe during the storm, so you don’t need to restock later on, and will also prevent your gear from turning into flying debris during windy weather.

Stay safe during the storm

If the storm is here and you worry that your boat is not as protected as it should be, it is essential to stay safe at home and resist the temptation to go safeguard your boat (or even just check on it). One of the leading causes of hurricane-related casualties is, unfortunately, boat owners trying to protect their boat from the wind and storm surge once a hurricane has already arrived—and while we understand that you care about your boat, it can eventually be replaced if lost to a storm. But you can’t. Assure yourself total peace of mind by taking all the necessary precautions well before a storm is right around the corner.

As South Florida boaters, we know that it’s best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best when it comes to summer storms! We hope that these tips help you secure your boat against tropical weather, this summer and beyond. Don’t yet have a boat of your own? We here at South Florida Yachts are here to help, with beautiful, family-friendly boats for sale In West Palm Beach and the surrounding area! Call or visit us today to learn more.