If you are a boater and have a great love for all things nautical then you are sure to know a thing or two about the history of boating and different variations of the vessels from around the world. However, there may still be a lot that you didn’t know – so whether you are a novice boater or a professional angler constantly out on your boat, here are a few facts about the history of boating that will definitely interest you!

  • All boats have a life expectancy, after which they are deemed unsafe and unstable to use for travel. Where most of the cargo ships can last 20 to 30 years, sailboats, which are made from plywood or fiberglass can last between 30 to 40 years. Freshwater boats survive longer than saltwater vessels because the latter causes more corrosion to the vessels.
  • The oldest boat found by archeologists is the Pesse Canoe and is believed to be between 7,000 to 10,000 years old. It is a dugout canoe, which shows that it was made from a tree that was cut down and dug out from the center. It is currently placed in Netherland in the Drents Museum in Assen.
  • Thousands of people out in the open waters depend on a compass to navigate their way. A compass is a small instrument that uses a magnetic needle to rotate freely in one place. When held horizontally, it points towards North-South. The compass was invented in China sometime between the 2nd century BC and the 1st century AD.
  • Unlike measurements that are used to record distance and speed on land, at sea mariners use nautical miles and knots for measurements at sea. A nautical mile is equal to 1.1508 miles and the nautical knot, is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour.
  • The knot measurement was derived from a system in the 17th century where a common log was used to measure the speed of a ship. The common log consisted of a wedge-shaped piece of wood with which was attached a rope with equally spaced knots. While sailing, the piece of wood was allowed to float for a specific amount of time. When it was pulled back, sailors would count the number of knots on the rope between the ship and the wood to measure the speed of the vessel.
  • The fastest boat was a hydroplane named Spirit of Australia, which was built in 1978. The boat was 27 feet long and reached a speed of 317.58 mph. Its flat bottom allowed it to skim over the surface and reach an extremely fast speed.

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Are you ready to start offshore fishing in South Florida? The thrill of deep-sea fishing is unlike any other and once you get hooked, it’s all you want to do! Although it may take a while for you to become an expert angler, you will still enjoy the excitement of the adventure each time you’re out in the water. Here are a few tips to help you get started with offshore fishing in South Florida.

Get your fishing license

To go offshore fishing, by yourself or even with company, you will require a fishing license. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission can help you with the necessary documents you will require and help you obtain the appropriate license.

Find an expert to accompany you

As a newcomer to deep-sea fishing, it would be a smart idea to take your first few journeys with a companion who knows their way around the open water. Having someone on board who has years of experience with offshore fishing isn’t just helpful for finding the best fishing spots or helping with various techniques but can also be useful for safety measures. As a beginner, you may not be used to tackling the dangers of open waters. An experienced companion next to you will help you feel reassured and confident.

Start checking weather and tide schedules

Each time you decide to plan an offshore fishing trip, start checking the weather forecast and tide schedule in advance. You want to make sure, especially as a beginner, that you don’t venture out in the open water when unfavorable weather conditions are expected.

Learn your knots and types of fish

As a beginner, you want to make sure you learn to tie the proper knot. A bad knot can cost you some great catch, so spend some time learning this very basic and crucial skill.

Another important lesson as you start offshore fishing is learning about the different types of fish you will be able to catch in the ocean. When you understand to differentiate between the type of fish, you will also be able to purchase the correct type of tackle and bait that is needed for them.

Prepare your equipment

From safety kits to GPS devices, make sure to have a list of essentials you will require to have on board when you head out for offshore fishing. You should purchase fishing equipment that is easy to understand as a beginner and don’t complicate your initial experiences by using multiple rods and rigs at the same time.

Choose the right boat

The most obvious and essential item for offshore fishing is your boat! If you don’t own one and are looking for offshore fishing boats, South Florida Yachts can help you with that. Our experienced crew can help you pick the right boat as you start this exciting new adventure.

Buying a boat is a very big step in anyone’s life. It can be exciting, overwhelming, and sometimes just really, really confusing! Whether you are looking for a small fishing boat for yourself or a luxurious sailboat that you want to enjoy with your friends and family, there are so many options available today that sometimes even though you know what you want, you can’t help getting stuck when making the final decision.

However, having a knowledgeable and experienced boat dealer on your side can really turn things around and be there to make this process quite simple for you! Learn more about how boat dealers in Port St. Lucie can help you find your dream boat:

Help you decide what’s the best boat for you

You may have had your eye on a vessel or two but they may be completely opposite of what your requirements from it are or perhaps they are way out of your budget. Having a boat dealer guide you can help you narrow down your choices and see what’s the best match for you, keeping size, budget, design, construction and utilization in mind. Their expertise can help you learn a lot more about what you should be looking for when making a final decision.

Tell you what’s new in the market currently

A professional boat dealer will listen to all your requirements regarding the boat you want to purchase and then tell you what is the closest match for you. Dealers are also well acquainted with the brands they are selling so their knowledge is vast and can serve very helpful when you are lost between options. They know what is new on the market and what are the choices you should be looking at, helping you eliminate boats that aren’t suited for your needs.

They can make the whole process smooth and stress-free

Another great advantage of having a boat dealer help you find your dream boat is the manufacturer’s warranty that they can offer you. They can help you with the necessary paperwork along with helping you understand the warranty plan. From financing to licensing and delivering the boat to you, a dealer can look after all of it.

A long-term relationship comes out of it

Building a strong and honest relationship with a boat dealer won’t just help you find your dream boat without any delays but will also give you the support of someone who will be there in the future as well. Your boat dealer can help if something goes wrong down the line or if you just need a little extra help getting familiar with all the features on your boat.

Having an approachable and professional dealer to assist you from the planning phase to the first time you take your boat out is a great advantage to have. If you are looking for a boat dealer in St. Port Lucie who is the perfect fit for you, call us at South Florida Yachts and have one of our trusted crew start this journey with you as you look for your dream boat!

Just like any other event that you plan to attend, boat shows too require a little bit of homework before you head out to marvel at all those shiny yachts you’ve been anxious to see. Whether you are looking to buy your dream boat at the next show or are just curious to see what is new in the market, navigating boat shows can get tricky and overwhelming. Make sure you don’t end up exhausting yourself or wasting the day by following these top tips on how to go about attending boat shows:

Check the venue, time and tickets in advance

Regardless of how far out or close by a boat show is being held, you want to make sure you know exactly where the venue is, what time it starts and what the various ticket prices are. Some boat shows also have VIP tickets where visitors are allowed to come in at a special time or day and get some extra attention from dealers and even get to avail special deals. If you are planning to purchase a boat at this show, you may want to pay a little extra to get a VIP ticket and benefit from its special perks. Purchasing a ticket well in advance also helps you skip long lines and perhaps get a discounted entry too!

Make a priority list

Although you might be interested in seeing every type of boat, yacht and merchandise a show has to offer, you need to make a priority list that helps you organize your visit. If there is a specific kind of boat you are interested in, make sure to see those first. You should take your time to compare models, see what features come with it and also take a tour inside if permissible. Once you have seen what you were mainly interested in, you can take the rest of the day, or days, to stroll around and look at other vessels leisurely without worrying about missing out on anything.

Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion

It’s nice to look the part when you’re going to be walking between extravagant yachts all day but what’s more important on such a day is dressing practically. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and keep the weather in mind if you’ll be outdoors. Wear shoes that you can take off easily as most vendors would be asking you to remove them before you enter their boat for a tour.

Don’t come under pressure

You might feel that since you are at a boat show surrounded by so many attractive deals, you must decide there and then. If you still need time to make up your mind, don’t feel pressured into finalizing a deal. Collect business cards, talk to vendors, take pictures and review special features and then take the next few days or weeks deciding until you’re sure about what you want.

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Are you done daydreaming about owning a fishing boat and finally ready to make that dream a reality? Whether it’s the peace and quiet you are looking for while out on your boat or the thrill of planning your catch for the day, buying your very own fishing boat is very exciting – and perhaps a little overwhelming too. Don’t let yourself get too confused when you begin your search – here are some tips to help your narrow down the important things to consider when shopping for fishing boats.

Where do you plan to fish?

This is one of the first things you need to look at before you begin looking at your options: where will you be taking your boat? Explore a short list of options based on whether you will be fishing in saltwater or freshwater or pick a multipurpose vessel if you aren’t sure. Using a boat intended for freshwater in saltwater can be very damaging and cost you a lot in repairs.

Do you plan to have company on the boat?

If you plan to mostly go fishing with your family or a couple of friends, you need to keep space in mind. In order to host a couple of people on your boat, you should have enough room to accommodate them comfortably and enough horsepower to facilitate them as well.

How much storage do you want?

Having enough room to store multiple items is important if you are planning to spend a long period of time at a stretch on the water. For fishing trips on the river or lakes, a small boat with regular storage should be enough. You should also consider what extra features you are looking for in your boat. For example, if rod holders and rod storage is important to you, keep an eye out for those options. Similarly, do you have a certain capacity in mind for your live wells and bait wells?

All the costs associated with owning your own boat

Just like when purchasing a car or home, you need to have a budget in mind for how much you are willing to spend on your new fishing boat. Having a specific amount in mind allows you to narrow down options within your reach and gives you an idea of how much you can spend on extra features along with noting down the expenditures that will be made on maintenance, insurance and registration, etc.

What kind of warranties comes with it?

Your new fishing boat will come with warranties – you want to make sure you know exactly how long this is being offered for and what all it will cover. A boat with a manufacturer’s warranty would be ideal because if there are any mechanical issues during the warranty period, your boat dealer would be able to fix them without charging you anything.

Keeping all these points in mind, start your search! It’s an exciting time in your life and so many fishing adventures await you – all you need is your boat now. If you are looking for fishing boats in Boynton Beach, contact us at South Florida Yachts and we can help you make your boating daydreams a reality!

When planning a day out on the water on your cruising or fishing boats in Boynton Beach, your cooler might be the last of your priorities, but you may want to change that mindset before you head out.

Getting a cooler ready for a day out on the water is not the same thing as packing one for a day at the beach or camping. To ensure it’s all smooth sailing once you set out, you want to make sure you have the right things on your list when stocking up for the trip.

Pre-cool the cooler and use blocks of ice

Before you start filling your boat cooler with all your chosen items, it’s essential to make sure it’s at the right temperature. Bring your cooler indoors a day before you plan to head out and keep the lid open overnight so that the inside of the cooler can reach room temperature.

Once it’s cooled down and you are about to start packing, line the bottom of the cooler with blocks of ice instead of small ice pieces. Larger chunks of ice will last longer and keep your items inside cool for a lot longer.

You’ll get thirsty

For a day out in the water under the shining, bright sun, chances are you are going to get quite thirsty – especially if it’s during the summer. Make the most of your cooler by packing enough cold beverages to keep you hydrated through the day. Water and Gatorade can help with keeping the thirst away so make sure you have enough to last through your trip.

Smart snacking

What you pack in your cooler can determine how much stamina you’ll end up having through your day. For an angler who is looking to make casts all day long, you’ll need snack options that are easy to eat. Bite-size fruit and veggies kept chilled in your cooler are great options to munch on. They’ll give you energy and keep you full and best of all, help you stay focused and fresh while you fish.

Speaking of energy, make sure to throw in a small bag of mixed nuts between your snack options as well. They are one of the most nutritious snacks you could have on board and won’t take up much space either.

How about some homemade sandwiches?

You’ve got a whole day ahead of you, standing behind the rod for hours, chances are you will need more than just snacks to graze on. Pack some ready-made sandwiches that’ll keep well in your cooler. Wrap them in aluminum foil and your cooler will keep them fresh no matter how hot it gets on the outside.

Although the options are endless when it comes to what all you can pack in your cooler for a day out on the water, you want to make sure you don’t end up consuming food that’s going to leave you lethargic and feeling weighed down. Pack smart and if you are still looking at fishing boats in Boynton Beach, talk to us at South Florida Yachts, our crew can help you find exactly what you are looking for – and advise you on what to bring along on this trip you’re planning too!

Deciding between which West Palm Beach boats to buy is one thing but figuring out whether or not you should is something else entirely. Whether searching for your first boat or your last, it’s important to ask some crucial questions first to ensure that you are ready for this important acquisition. No, we don’t mean asking about a boat’s size or horsepower. Instead, think through all the following personal considerations to decide whether or not it’s the right time for new fishing boats for sale!

Can You Afford the Necessary Maintenance?

No matter how new a boat is, they all require annual maintenance. Think of boats like floating homes – they involve many systems like mechanical, electrical, and even HVAC in some cases. As such, these systems need to be maintained year in and year out to prevent a disaster on the water. One common rule of thumb is that 10% of your boat’s value will have to be spent each year on maintenance, and maintenance is non-negotiable.

Which Needs Are You Buying For?

You may have your eyes on your dream boat but before you scoop up any West Palm Beach boats for sale, you must ask yourself: will this still be your dream boat next year or five years from now? Look ahead to the future and imagine how you and your family will be using that boat in ten years. Children may love your center console fishing boats for sale without sun protection now, but will they still tolerate excessive exposure to sun in five years? You should only buy a boat that is just as useful a decade from now as it is today.

Where Will You Use the Boat?

Different models of boats are suited to different bodies of water. For example, the boat’s bottom may not handle certain chop. No matter how durable some boats are, it doesn’t mean that every cruise through your favorite waters will go smoothly. Think about where you’ll be spending a majority of your time before you lock in that final Palm Beach boats for sale selection.

Where Will You Keep Your Boat?

Boat storage is not something that just happens on its own, nor will your boat suddenly vanish between uses. This is a key consideration that requires both space and money. Typical slip fees range from $150 to $250 per foot, with additional power and water fees to boot. Plus, if you store your boat somewhere, it needs to be kept at a convenient location, otherwise you will encounter stress when you are either pulling your boat out or storing it again after a day of boating.

When it comes to the purchase process, there is a lot more than simply handpicking your favorite features of Treasure Coast boats. You need to make sure that your investment will still fulfill your boating dreams today and well into the future. By asking yourself these questions first, you can make sure that you are making the best possible choice for yourself. Once you’re ready to buy, reach out to your friends at South Florida Yachts! With our extensive inventory of new boats for sale, we can help you find the boat that is perfect for you.

Palm Beach boats make for an exceptional addition to anyone’s quality of life by granting us the unfettered ability to explore the open seas at our own discretion. With so many breathtaking destinations for new fishing boats, there is never a shortage of ways to spend the day in West Palm Beach. However, for how well new boats take care of their passengers, it is equally as important for us to show West Palm Beach boats that same level of care. Stay one step ahead of pesky grime with these tips for exterior boat detailing!

Step 1: Rinse

Every round of detailing for fishing boats should start with a thorough rinse. This will break down any loose debris from the surface of your boat. Keep in mind that this will not offer a complete clean, but it will get your boat primed for the rest of its detailing. A good hose nozzle is sufficient, but a pressure washer is even more effective at breaking down grime.

Step 2: Apply Soap

After rinsing away all that loose debris, it’s time to apply soap! Not just any soap, though – be sure to seek out a specialized boat cleaner. Other soaps may tarnish the surface or clean ineffectively. Going one small area at a time, lather up the outside of your boat. Be sure to rinse off the soap as you go! If the soap dries, it may damage your finish or leave unsightly marks.

Step 3: Buff it Out

Now that all the dirt is gone, your boat’s exterior should be looking much better! However, it has likely lost some of that sheen that makes it look “brand new.” To bring back that shine, buff the exterior surface by hand or with a rotary buffer. This removes oxidation and helps prepare the surface for the next step!

Step 4: Get Waxy

In order to restore that showroom shine, you’ll need a wax that is specifically for boat surfaces. Boat wax makes your boat look brand new while also protecting the surface from debris and grime build-up. The more you buff, the less you’ll need to clean your boat in the future! Again, go one small area at a time and buff off the wax as you apply it. Before you know it, it will look just like brand new boats for sale in West Palm Beach again.

Final Inspection

Now that your boat is polished off, what comes next? This is the best time to think about the best ways to maintain that freshly detailed aesthetic. Boats are out in the sun all the time and need extra protection against UV rays. Consider looking into fabric treatments for your interior and aerospace protectants to make sure that your boat looks like new for years to come!

Need help detailing new fishing boats? Don’t sweat it – South Florida Yachts is here to help! As your premier boat dealers in Palm Beach County, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about Palm Beach boats. We treat each and every one of our clients in the personal and professional manner that they deserve. Contact South Florida Yachts today and be the next to join our family of satisfied repeat customers!

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For first-time or inexperienced boat owners, maintenance of your vessel might seem completely overwhelming. There are so many components, systems, and surfaces – both internal and external – that require careful cleaning between each boating adventure. All it takes is an incorrect detergent or missed step for that glossy sheen to lose its luster. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes before cleaning your newly acquired boats for sale in West Palm Beach!

Using the Wrong Cleaners

Unlike cars, windows, or other plain surfaces, boats require the use of cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for boats. Plus, with so many different materials involved in the composition of a boat, each one demands an appropriate cleaner. Take a look at the parts of your boat and take inventory of what you have vs. what you’ll need. For example, stainless steel requires metal polish, whereas your exterior will need hull polish.

Not Rinsing Before a Scrub

Though your boat may be in the water during each of its excursions, that does mean that the bottom of it is staying cleaning. Dirt, mud, and debris are all likely to accumulate on the hull, and all of these pose a major threat to your finish. After each trip but before you scrub, be sure to rinse off your boat – this will get rid of surface dust that could scratch the clear coat.

Ignoring the Propeller

No boat can run without its propeller. Though this part of your boat is designed to be low maintenance, it still requires a careful inspection before and after every trip. Keep an eye out for chips and signs of corrosion, especially. Furthermore, if you see anything wrapped around the propeller – such as algae, fishing line, or rope – pull it off. If left unattended, these types of debris can cause lasting damage to the propellor and leave you grounded.

Allowing It to Air-Dry

After each clean, never leave your boat out to air-dry. Though it may not harm your finish, it can give your boat the appearance of being dirty. This is because as the water dries, it leaves behind trace amounts of minerals which make your coat look dull and dingy. Over time, this will produce lots of white specks that compromise your boat’s appearance and value. Instead of drying in the air, wipe your boat down with a microfiber cloth or shammy to really polish it and remove all that buildup.

These are just a few costly mistakes to avoid but there are plenty more to be wary of. For example, always cover your boat when it’s in storage and pay special attention to the upholstery! Proper boat maintenance requires a delicate attention to detail and the expert team at South Florida Yachts can help you out! By taking the time to clean your boat correctly, you will certainly save yourself the time and money of multiple trips right back to boat dealers in Palm Beach County.