If you’re looking for a family fun day trip to somewhere unique, but closeby, then Peanut Island is a must-see boating destination! But this island isn’t just known for its beautiful palm trees and gorgeous sandy beaches, it also has a pretty rich history. Discover a few of the reasons many boating enthusiasts love to take a trip to this historic destination:

An Abandoned Peanut Oil Shipping Terminal

After being built in 1918, Peanut Island was originally planned out to serve as a shipping terminal for peanut oil. Though the plan to use it as a peanut oil shipping terminal was abandoned in 1946, the name stuck!

The Kennedy Bunker

Peanut Island is home to a bunker that was built for President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The bomb shelter was built in 1971 in only seven days! Though Kennedy never had to use the bunker, he and his wife are rumored to have visited Peanut Island quite frequently. 

The Birth of Peanut Island Park

Due to the growing popularity of the island to tourists and natives alike, Palm Beach County created Peanut Island Park in 1999. The park rests on the perimeter of the park and is a popular destination for boaters, fishing enthusiasts, nature-lovers, dog-walkers and more!

This little piece of paradise is full of rich and quirky history! So, grab the family, pack the cooler, and head over to Peanut Island for a day of beauty, excitement and more – you never know, you might just learn something new!

Selling that tried and true boat that you’ve loved for many years doesn’t have to be a sad occasion – it could be a great opportunity to upgrade to a new and improved vessel! And if you’re in limbo on whether it’s the right time to sell your craft, check out these reasons why it might just be the best time to sell your yacht!

Boat Inventory is Low
Since boating is probably the ultimate social distancing activity, many people have taken up boating recently. This means that sales are high, while inventory has been running low. Putting your boat up for sale in a low-inventory market is a great way to ensure that you’re able to sell your boat for a great price!

There are Helpful Tools at Your Fingertips
Selling your own yacht can seem intimidating, so many people see it as a burden. But with the tools and resources that SOuth Florida Yachts offers to its clients, the stress of selling your boat can get washed away. South Florida Yachts offers resources like a free market value analysis of your yacht, advertising sources, boat shows and professional photography. We make selling your boat a breeze!

This is the Perfect Location
Boating season seems to be year-round in south Florida thanks to the beautiful weather and ravishing natural landscapes. That’s why selling your boat in this location is a great way to ensure the perfect storm for a great sale – boating never goes out of style in the Sunshine State!

If you’re wondering if it’s the right time to sell your yacht, take into consideration the market, the tools you have access to, and your location. These are all important factors that can determine the outcome of your boat sale. And when you’re ready to sell, give us a call and we would be happy to help you through the process!