3 Types of Knots Every Boater Should Know How To Tie

Knowing how to tie knots is essential to making sure whatever boat you operate functions well and is protected. No matter what you use your boat for, you will probably need to know how to tie certain knots for different functions. As South Florida’s best boat dealer, we have curated just a few of the essential knots every boater should know and how to tie them. Read on to learn more!

Cleat Hitch

Often used for Dock Lines, this know attaches the rope of your boat to a cleat. Start by wrapping the rope around the far horn, then bring it around the near horn, and then back across the middle. Make several figure 8’s around the horns, and then if you have some leftover rope, either coil it on the dock or use the tail to tie a Rolling Hitch around the Standing End of the rope.

Figure 8 Knot

This non-binding loop is great for a quick and convenient stopper knot. Start by forming a regular loop with the tail of your rope. Then, continue under and around the standing end and pass the tail down through the loop. Try to avoid coming up through the loop and forming an overhand knot instead. The finished knot should resemble an “8.”

Anchor Hitch

Also known as the Anchor Bend or FIshermen’s Bend, this knot is used to connect an anchor line to an anchor. Start by wrapping the rope twice around the shackle, keeping the second wrap slack. Pass the end of the rope through the loops just created and pull tightly. Wrap the pulled-through end around the standing rope, make a loop and pull to tighten. 

Knots are essential for boats of all kinds to know. Whether you know them all or know a basic few, they can help make your day out of the water more functional and protected. There are so many different kinds of knots that serve different purposes in the boating world, but we hope these basic knots help get you started. And when you’re ready to put these knots into action, visit our boating experts at South FLorida Yachts and we’ll be happy to help you find the boat of your dreams!