For first-time or inexperienced boat owners, maintenance of your vessel might seem completely overwhelming. There are so many components, systems, and surfaces – both internal and external – that require careful cleaning between each boating adventure. All it takes is an incorrect detergent or missed step for that glossy sheen to lose its luster. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes before cleaning your newly acquired boats for sale in West Palm Beach!

Using the Wrong Cleaners

Unlike cars, windows, or other plain surfaces, boats require the use of cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for boats. Plus, with so many different materials involved in the composition of a boat, each one demands an appropriate cleaner. Take a look at the parts of your boat and take inventory of what you have vs. what you’ll need. For example, stainless steel requires metal polish, whereas your exterior will need hull polish.

Not Rinsing Before a Scrub

Though your boat may be in the water during each of its excursions, that does mean that the bottom of it is staying cleaning. Dirt, mud, and debris are all likely to accumulate on the hull, and all of these pose a major threat to your finish. After each trip but before you scrub, be sure to rinse off your boat – this will get rid of surface dust that could scratch the clear coat.

Ignoring the Propeller

No boat can run without its propeller. Though this part of your boat is designed to be low maintenance, it still requires a careful inspection before and after every trip. Keep an eye out for chips and signs of corrosion, especially. Furthermore, if you see anything wrapped around the propeller – such as algae, fishing line, or rope – pull it off. If left unattended, these types of debris can cause lasting damage to the propellor and leave you grounded.

Allowing It to Air-Dry

After each clean, never leave your boat out to air-dry. Though it may not harm your finish, it can give your boat the appearance of being dirty. This is because as the water dries, it leaves behind trace amounts of minerals which make your coat look dull and dingy. Over time, this will produce lots of white specks that compromise your boat’s appearance and value. Instead of drying in the air, wipe your boat down with a microfiber cloth or shammy to really polish it and remove all that buildup.

These are just a few costly mistakes to avoid but there are plenty more to be wary of. For example, always cover your boat when it’s in storage and pay special attention to the upholstery! Proper boat maintenance requires a delicate attention to detail and the expert team at South Florida Yachts can help you out! By taking the time to clean your boat correctly, you will certainly save yourself the time and money of multiple trips right back to boat dealers in Palm Beach County.

A boat is more than an investment into on-the-water adventure for years to come – it’s the start of what should be a fruitful relationship with your West Palm Beach boat dealers of choice, as well. For this reason, the entire process of navigating through Palm Beach boats for sale can seem intimidating to inexperienced buyers. However, the right boat dealer can alleviate some stress and make your purchase easier! Just read on for some helpful tips to get pointed in the right direction.

The Non-Negotiables of a Best Boat Dealer West Palm Beach

When choosing between boat dealers, consider looking for these key factors – no top dealership should be lacking in any of these ways:

  • Customer service must come first and foremost every step along the way. Keep in mind that your boat dealer will be in touch with you often throughout the process of purchasing a boat. If they take too long to answer questions or respond to your needs now, it is likely that this will remain the case years into the future when you may need their assistance again.
  • Each dealership should have a clean and well-organized location. These are the people who not only should sell you a polished boat but also assist with any maintenance questions or services in the future. If their location is unkept, it is sure to reflect poorly on the respect and care that they show towards boats.
  • Location, location, location! Again, consider the fact that you will have to make multiple trips back and forth to your dealer of choice – especially if you ever need to bring the boat back for services or inspections. The perfect boat dealer for you should be conveniently accessible.

Why Doing Your Homework Matters…

Even with these key considerations in mind, it can be difficult to ascertain which boat dealership is the perfect fit for you. However, by researching each of these criteria, you can easily weed out the undesirable boat dealers. To further guide your efforts, consider looking up customer reviews. This can be done by finding testimonials online, but some dealerships may also provide referrals upon request. Any dealership with a bevy of satisfied customers will be eager to share them with you!

…and Why to Buy from South Florida Yachts

Although it may seem on the surface that buying from boat dealers rather than private sellers complicates the process, it actually makes it much easier to handle. This is because every top-notch dealership will provide you with access to a wealth of expertise and knowledge regarding boat inventory and maintenance.

By doing all of the simple research above, you can enjoy peace of mind with your purchase for years to come – especially when you choose South Florida Yachts! As a mainstay of the Florida yacht brokerage industry for over 25 years, we are your best choice for fishing boats in West Palm Beach. Call us today to learn more about our available inventory!