Tips for a Successful Offshore Fishing Season 

Although winter continues to flourish in several parts of the country, in other areas where the cold weather seems a memory of the past, anglers are already kicking off their first excursions of the year. Water temperatures in Florida especially seem to be warming up and offshore fishing prospects are looking good. If you are ready to tackle the open waters, here are some tips to help you make the most of the fishing season ahead. 

Start Out Simple

If you don’t have a lot of experience with offshore fishing, it’s best to start your first few trips of the year fairly simple. You may want to have several rods and rigs in the water simultaneously so that you can maximize your time and enjoy the thrill. This can, however, backfire and end up leaving you with a tangled mess that may just end up ruining your trip altogether. Keep it simple with your technique and equipment. Enjoy yourself instead of trying to challenge yourself. 

Scope Out the Right Places

Having an experienced fishing buddy come along with you is always helpful when you are scoping out the right spots to start off with but sometimes, you’ll find yourself navigating on your own. A navigational GPS and fish finder is a great tool to have onboard so that you don’t waste too much time lingering in places where there is nothing around to be caught. A fish finder can help you see what’s going on below while a navigational GPS can be used to plug in coordinates for fishing locations.

Check the Weather Before Heading Out

It might seem like something really basic but knowing what sort of weather you are going to be heading out in is always a smart idea. Not only can unfavorable weather ruin your fishing prospects, but it can also be quite dangerous for anyone out at sea at the time. Always have your extra gear, navigational devices, and first aid kit onboard when offshore fishing. Also get in the habit of checking the tide schedules each time you are planning a trip in the open waters. 

Get Familiar with What You’ll Be Fishing

When you go offshore fishing, having knowledge about the different type of species you might encounter is a great advantage to have. Knowing what type of fish you will be coming across, and which you are going to be chasing after will help you determine what kind of tackle and bait to bring along. 

Have Your Knots Ready

When you’re fishing offshore, you are going to come across some strong fighters that may challenge your knot-tying skills. Make sure you use a fishing line knot that is strong and can remain intact under tough circumstances. Weak knots can ruin your success in the open water so keep them tight and spend a little time practicing them beforehand if need be.

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