Top 5 Fishing Lures Every Angler Needs in Their Tackle Box

Are you stocking up your tackle box for your first angling adventure of the year or are you looking to change your go-to lures for the season ahead? Either way, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to fishing lures that exist in every color and size, meant to tackle any situation and condition on the water. 

With hundreds of choices available, it’s not easy picking what goes in your tackle box this season, but we’ll try helping with these tips on some of the favorites today:


Effective under all kinds of conditions, spinnerbaits are a must have for any angler. They vibrate very fast when pulled through the water and fish pick up on them quickly with their lateral lines. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors, allowing you to target a wide range of species. They are also great search baits and can attract the attention of species such as Snook, Flounder, Speckled Trout, as well as Redfish among others. 

Spoon Lures

If you want to imitate a fleeing baitfish, a spoon lure is your best choice. Although it may not resemble something a fish would chase after, the wobble movement it creates under water when retrieved creates a flash that predatory fish immediately go after. These lures are available in extremely small sizes and can be upgraded to a size that’s reliable enough to catch a Giant Pike. 

Soft Plastic Swimbaits

Soft plastic swimbaits can be used in several ways depending on what you are trying to catch and what conditions you’re fishing in. It attracts species such as Snook and Redfish quite easily because of the life-like effect they create when gliding through the water. Another great advantage of using these lures is that they can be fished at almost any depth and usually a simple cast and retrieve approach is all you need to land a bite. 

Topwater Poppers 

The thrill of a topwater strike is almost incomparable for an avid angler waiting and watching for their lure to work its magic. Topwater poppers are plugs with a concave face that create a splash when pulled through the water. Several of them come equipped with rattles inside to create noise on the surface to draw in more fish. Available in several sizes and colors, these lures are a must-have if you are looking for some explosive strikes to take place near the surface of the water. 


Another top water lure that you need in your tackle box if you’re an angler looking to make your catch more exciting. Coming in all colors and sizes, not much work is needed with the rod to make this lure work. An extremely easy to use bait, the jitterbug’s shape and the lip on the front require you just to reel it in for the top water strikes to begin. 

If you’re ready with your tackle box but still are looking at offshore fishing boats to find the perfect one to start your angling adventures with, come see us at South Florida Yachts!