Pro Tips For Cleaning Boat Seats

Whether you are a new boat owner wondering how to keep your boat seats clean or someone who has finally decided to do something about all the stains your interior has collected over time, don’t fret — here are some expert tips from your West Palm Beach boat dealers for cleaning your marine vinyl.

Prevention comes first

Marine grade vinyl used on your boat’s seats is treated to help prevent mold and mildew from building up, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to make an effort to clean it. Don’t leave anything on your seats that’s going to leave stains and marks – this includes food, drinks, wet clothes, or sunscreen. Wiping down seats after every use is a great practice and one that will ensure no moisture gets trapped inside.

Another preventive measure is keeping your seats covered when not in use. You won’t believe how damaging exposure from the sun can be to the interior of your boats. If you want to save your boat seats from fading, cracking, and ripping, protect them from the harsh UV rays.

Simple cleaning solution

Your boat seats don’t need an elaborate maintenance routine very often — a simple mix of warm dish soap and water is a safe and proven method that keeps marine vinyl fresh and clean. Doing this once a week will keep them from staining and molding.

When regular cleaning isn’t enough

Over the course of time, certain stains and marks on your boat’s seats become too stubborn to go away with basic cleaning. This is probably when you need to resort to dedicated vinyl cleaners. If you are going to use a vinyl cleaner, make sure you allow the seat’s surfaces to dry and then apply a coat of vinyl protectant.

What to avoid

Stay away from bleach and course, rough cleaning cloths because these will make the surface of your seats extremely brittle and vulnerable to ripping and tearing. Using harsh cleaners with unnecessary chemicals or scrubbing the seats with bristled brushes will cause a lot of damage to the material so avoid that at all costs.

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