How to Find the Perfect Boat for Your Needs

Is there anything as great as the feeling you get when you cast off from the pier, ready to tackle the open water? When you’re out there, you’re free. 

You need the perfect boat for your intentions out on the water. It needs to get you there and back again, and it needs to be able to handle the gear and the people you love.

Know What You’ll Use It For

In your mind’s eye, you’ve got a good idea of what you see yourself doing out there in the wild blue. Are you just cruising? Are you fishing? Or are you mostly into water sports? Boats these days are purpose-built and highly specialized. 

Here are a few of the big difference-makers:

  • Fishing (saltwater or fresh)
  • Water-skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, etc.
  • Sailing
  • Cruising (day cruise or overnight)

You can certainly drop a line into the water from a sailing boat or cruiser, but if you’re after marlin or bluefin consistently, you’ll want the luxury of a fighting chair. 

And you can certainly use a purpose-built fishing boat for a day cruise, but a cuddy cabin has a lot more creature comforts. 

It’s important to choose the one that fits your plans best.

New or Used

If you’ve just got to have that brand-new boat feeling, there’s no substitute. And there are tons of options. But if you’re on a budget, or if you just don’t want to spend that much because it’s your first time getting into the sport, there are lots of choices in the used marketplace too. 

Whichever you choose, it’s best to make sure the vessel has been thoroughly inspected by qualified personnel and is certified not just for mechanical integrity and seaworthiness but also for fire protection. 

Drive System Variety and More: Talk to Your West Palm Beach Boat Dealers

West Palm Beach boat dealers know that some boats are driven by jets, other boats are powered by outboard engines that hang off the back, and still others are equipped with sterndrives, V-drives, and more. Some even have twin engines. 

Further, some boats can be trailered (with a big enough tow vehicle) and some can’t. If you’re planning on renting a slip, you can probably go pretty big. If you need to trailer it and launch it every time you need a fix, you may not want to go bigger than 25 feet or so.

The boat dealers in Palm Beach County are a great resource for the best information as you do your research. 

Most importantly, have fun out there. Boating is a blast!