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4 Watersports to Try on the Water This Summer

Summer is the best time of year to get outdoors and be active. There’s no better way to do that than on the water. Watersports are a great way to exercise, have fun, socialize, and get fresh air all at the same time.  Not sure where to start? Here are 4 watersports to try on […]

The Difference Between Salt Water & Fresh Water Boating

Ah, the joys of boating! In a lot of ways, it doesn’t matter if you’re on freshwater or saltwater, just as long as you’re on the water. But in many ways, the difference between the two matters greatly.  Saltwater is extremely corrosive, and to compensate for this reality, a few engineering details have to be present […]

Best Boating Hotspots in South Florida

For those with boats in Palm Beach, or those who wish they had one, some places are more magical than others. Here’s a great list of suggestions for your next boat-based outing. Biscayne National Park When you’re here, you’re able to see the spectacular Miami skyline from the water, so that is one thing that […]

How to Find the Perfect Boat for Your Needs

Is there anything as great as the feeling you get when you cast off from the pier, ready to tackle the open water? When you’re out there, you’re free.  You need the perfect boat for your intentions out on the water. It needs to get you there and back again, and it needs to be […]

The Name Game: 3 Tips For Naming Your Boat

Naming your boat isn’t just something you need to do to identify it or refer to it — it’s a way for you to truly make it yours and connect with it in a personal way! As fun and exciting as this process can be, it can also get quite confusing when you start thinking […]

Pro Tips For Cleaning Boat Seats

Whether you are a new boat owner wondering how to keep your boat seats clean or someone who has finally decided to do something about all the stains your interior has collected over time, don’t fret — here are some expert tips from your West Palm Beach boat dealers for cleaning your marine vinyl. Prevention […]

What Are Popular Boat Financing Options?

If you’ve found your dream boat and are ready to make it yours, perhaps it’s time you need to start looking into boat financing options. Compared with auto loans, financing boats is a much bigger investment but doesn’t necessarily mean the process is more complicated. What type of boat loan you end up choosing is […]

4 Unique Ways to Enjoy Your Boat in Palm Beach

Was spending more time on your boat one of your new year’s resolutions? When you are busy juggling work and family obligations, taking time out for yourself often becomes challenging. But with a little bit of effort and time management, you can pick out weekends or holidays in advance which you plan to spend on […]