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5 Helpful Tips for Safe Boating This Summer

Excited to hit the water this summer? We are, too! Your local waterways are the perfect place to soak up some sunshine, enjoy the salty, breezy air and go cruising—and maybe even land the big catch. Here are some tips for safe, smooth boating adventures all summer long. Practice smart social distancing on the water […]

Oh, the Places You’ll Go… in Your Yacht

One of the many thrilling aspects of being out in the open water in your yacht is the ability to travel virtually anywhere, anytime. Imagine the joy and surprise from your friends and family members when they realize you’re taking them on the excursion of a lifetime. If you prefer to sail solo, you can […]

How to Find the Best Yacht for Your Needs

When it comes to yachting, there’s no rule book. That means you’re free to live life on your terms, and enjoy to the fullest a relaxing day on the water with friends and family. In addition, you’ll want a yacht that perfectly fits your needs, while matching your unique lifestyle requirements and desires. Thankfully, there […]

Yachting Essentials for a Great Day on the Water

Whether you’re new to yachting or you’ve been an enthusiast for years, you know that the difference between a great day on the water and one that could be better often boils down to the supplies you bring on board. Even with modern day conveniences built in, there are still some basic provisions you should […]

Sailing Superstitions and Etiquette

As long as sailors like you have been enjoying and exploring the open seas, there have been varying thoughts and traditions surrounding this favored pastime. Some superstitions have passed by the wayside with the advancement of newer technology that allows you to see all that’s occurring around you. Still, other concepts remain. For instance, some […]

Philanthropy, Community Outreach, and Your Yacht

You have a passion for the water and the natural beauty of your local community. Now, you can take those values and neighborhood stewardship to a new level by focusing on ways that you can assist with local goals relating to philanthropy and outreach. Many established entrepreneurs and global marketplace leaders already support non-profit organizations […]

Famous Seacraft of History

Whether you’re the proud owner of an amazing vessel, in the market for your first yacht, or simply love to be out on the sea, by engaging in your hobby, you join a group of water enthusiasts that can be traced back thousands of years. While today’s yachts have all the comforts, safety features, and […]