For those with boats in Palm Beach, or those who wish they had one, some places are more magical than others. Here’s a great list of suggestions for your next boat-based outing.

Biscayne National Park

When you’re here, you’re able to see the spectacular Miami skyline from the water, so that is one thing that sets it apart. As you glide over pristine tropical waters in tranquility, you’re in a front-row seat to thousands of years of Florida history, from the dawn of indigenous Florida life through shipwrecks and the real-life pirates of the Caribbean.

Spend a day here, and you’ll be able to enjoy both cruising and diving, whether you don a snorkel or full scuba gear. You can tie up to any of the park’s mooring balls, listed on the park website by their latitude and longitude, for up to four hours at a time. 

Peanut Island

There are actually no peanuts at Peanut Island. You will find swimming and snorkeling areas, restrooms and showers, anchorages, docks, and even a sandbar. Explore on “shore leave” through the trails to find adorable little picnic areas for a bit of lunch, and, if you’re a true history nerd, visit the museum and Presidential fallout shelter — no lie.

Boca Lake

For a wild time on the water, head to Boca Lake for the annual spring break party called the Boca Bash. You’ll probably want to drop anchor a little farther offshore than the newbies do so that you don’t get gridlocked. 

It’s said that you can walk from boat to boat or raft to raft when the party is at its peak, and revelers lash their crafts together for a block party on the lake. This is not for the curmudgeonly boater but instead for the adventurous fun-seeker. 

Boats for Sale in West Palm Beach

If all these promises of boating adventures are proving too much to bear without looking for boats for sale in West Palm Beach, you owe it to yourself to decide what kind of boat you think will be most useful to you, such as:

  • Saltwater fishing
  • Overnight cruising
  • Sailing
  • Wakeboarding

Boats are highly specialized these days, and they’re purpose-built to be awesome at one thing. If you’re planning on doing a lot of fishing, it’s best not to buy a wakeboard boat, for instance. And whatever you do, remember to have tons of fun out there on the water. 

Is there anything as great as the feeling you get when you cast off from the pier, ready to tackle the open water? When you’re out there, you’re free. 

You need the perfect boat for your intentions out on the water. It needs to get you there and back again, and it needs to be able to handle the gear and the people you love.

Know What You’ll Use It For

In your mind’s eye, you’ve got a good idea of what you see yourself doing out there in the wild blue. Are you just cruising? Are you fishing? Or are you mostly into water sports? Boats these days are purpose-built and highly specialized. 

Here are a few of the big difference-makers:

  • Fishing (saltwater or fresh)
  • Water-skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, etc.
  • Sailing
  • Cruising (day cruise or overnight)

You can certainly drop a line into the water from a sailing boat or cruiser, but if you’re after marlin or bluefin consistently, you’ll want the luxury of a fighting chair. 

And you can certainly use a purpose-built fishing boat for a day cruise, but a cuddy cabin has a lot more creature comforts. 

It’s important to choose the one that fits your plans best.

New or Used

If you’ve just got to have that brand-new boat feeling, there’s no substitute. And there are tons of options. But if you’re on a budget, or if you just don’t want to spend that much because it’s your first time getting into the sport, there are lots of choices in the used marketplace too. 

Whichever you choose, it’s best to make sure the vessel has been thoroughly inspected by qualified personnel and is certified not just for mechanical integrity and seaworthiness but also for fire protection. 

Drive System Variety and More: Talk to Your West Palm Beach Boat Dealers

West Palm Beach boat dealers know that some boats are driven by jets, other boats are powered by outboard engines that hang off the back, and still others are equipped with sterndrives, V-drives, and more. Some even have twin engines. 

Further, some boats can be trailered (with a big enough tow vehicle) and some can’t. If you’re planning on renting a slip, you can probably go pretty big. If you need to trailer it and launch it every time you need a fix, you may not want to go bigger than 25 feet or so.

The boat dealers in Palm Beach County are a great resource for the best information as you do your research. 

Most importantly, have fun out there. Boating is a blast!

Naming your boat isn’t just something you need to do to identify it or refer to it — it’s a way for you to truly make it yours and connect with it in a personal way! As fun and exciting as this process can be, it can also get quite confusing when you start thinking of all the various options on your list and how to eliminate them all to find what truly resonates with you.

Here are some top tips from your trusted West Palm Beach boat dealers, who know a thing or two about how you should go about naming your boat:

Short and sweet

Think about how in so many situations, the saying “less is more” applies. This is one of those. Having a long, drawn-out name with several words can be frustrating for people to remember or refer to. And what’s the point of having a name that you will resort to shortening yourself later? So, think of a name that’s brief and to-the-point. This will also come in handy if there’s ever an emergency where you have to spell it out on radio while calling for help.

Simple but significant

Just because we are suggesting keeping it short doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be significant to you. You have invested a lot on your boat and it’s going to remain one of your most prized possessions, so its name must reflect how much it means to you. Think of all the people who mean the most to you, or a passion or hobby that is an important part of your life. You can even find inspiration through movies or books that left a lasting impression on you.

Unique and original

Don’t resort to something common or cliched just because you’re stumped for ideas and feeling frustrated at how long this process is taking. Do you have a unique talent, interest, or career? Or perhaps a destination you visited that could be used for inspiration into creating a distinctive name? Creativity is key, so it’s okay to be humorous too, if you want — especially if it reflects how you are as a person! Our experienced crew at South Florida Yachts will gladly help you find boats for sale in West Palm Beach and even offer assistance if you need to short-list names! Contact us now to learn more about how we can be of service to you.

Whether you are a new boat owner wondering how to keep your boat seats clean or someone who has finally decided to do something about all the stains your interior has collected over time, don’t fret — here are some expert tips from your West Palm Beach boat dealers for cleaning your marine vinyl.

Prevention comes first

Marine grade vinyl used on your boat’s seats is treated to help prevent mold and mildew from building up, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to make an effort to clean it. Don’t leave anything on your seats that’s going to leave stains and marks – this includes food, drinks, wet clothes, or sunscreen. Wiping down seats after every use is a great practice and one that will ensure no moisture gets trapped inside.

Another preventive measure is keeping your seats covered when not in use. You won’t believe how damaging exposure from the sun can be to the interior of your boats. If you want to save your boat seats from fading, cracking, and ripping, protect them from the harsh UV rays.

Simple cleaning solution

Your boat seats don’t need an elaborate maintenance routine very often — a simple mix of warm dish soap and water is a safe and proven method that keeps marine vinyl fresh and clean. Doing this once a week will keep them from staining and molding.

When regular cleaning isn’t enough

Over the course of time, certain stains and marks on your boat’s seats become too stubborn to go away with basic cleaning. This is probably when you need to resort to dedicated vinyl cleaners. If you are going to use a vinyl cleaner, make sure you allow the seat’s surfaces to dry and then apply a coat of vinyl protectant.

What to avoid

Stay away from bleach and course, rough cleaning cloths because these will make the surface of your seats extremely brittle and vulnerable to ripping and tearing. Using harsh cleaners with unnecessary chemicals or scrubbing the seats with bristled brushes will cause a lot of damage to the material so avoid that at all costs.

At South Florida Yachts, our expert crew of boat dealers in Palm Beach County can help you find boats for sale as well as guide you on what kind of maintenance your vessel will need. Call us now to learn more about our inventory and the services we offer!

If you’ve found your dream boat and are ready to make it yours, perhaps it’s time you need to start looking into boat financing options. Compared with auto loans, financing boats is a much bigger investment but doesn’t necessarily mean the process is more complicated. What type of boat loan you end up choosing is one of the biggest factors that will determine how much you end up paying to finance your boat. 

Why You Need a Boat Loan

With times progressing, the nature of boat loans has also been rapidly evolving. Financing a boat helps you acquire one that you may have thought wasn’t within your reach. With terms of more than 10 years available along with low interest rates, there’s never been a better time to start looking into what financing method would suit you best.

Popular Ways to Finance a Boat

The three most typical ways you would finance your boat are either through your boat dealer or arrange a loan from your bank or take out a loan with a lender who specializes in marine financing. 

Working with a boat dealer is usually a popular choice as dealers have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to arranging boat loans. They also want to make sure that the process is seamless so that you can acquire your boat without too much hassle or delays. 

The other option would be to take out of a personal loan from your bank. This may make the process a little more complicated with additional paperwork but remains a choice many potential boat owners prefer considering.

The third choice would be working with a lender who specializes in boat loans. These lenders help arrange deals with lower down payments and a quicker decision-making process and potentially lower monthly payments.

How Boat Loans Work

Once you apply for a loan amount through your preferred method, you wait to hear from your lender for your approval. If approved, your lender will offer you rates based on how strong your credit is. Depending on the loan amount and lender, you can apply for a term up to 20 years for a secured boat loan. Your boat loan lender will also expect a down payment that ranges between 10 to 20 percent, depending on the cost of the boat. 

To look at choices for offshore fishing boats and learn more about boat financing options, talk to our team of experts at South Florida Yachts. Through our experience and knowledge, we can help the process very simple and smooth for you!

Buying a boat is one of the biggest investments and commitments you will probably make in your life – it’s no surprise that such a decision needs a lot of thought and research before you finalize it. Having a trustworthy boat dealer by your side, however, can make the whole process a lot smoother and easier. 

Before you make your purchase, it’s essential to ask your boat dealer some important questions:

Why Should I Be Purchasing from You?

When going through various inventories and boat dealers, there is someone who will most likely stand out more than others. A boat dealer who can clearly convince you of their competence, experience, and knowledge is probably someone you should trust. 

What Warranty Does the Boat Come With?

One of the most important aspects that goes into the decision-making process is knowing If your potential boat will be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty. Your boat dealer should explain the details of the warranty plan and inform you about what components of your boat will be covered under it and what won’t. 

What Kind of Maintenance Does the Boat Require?

Knowing what level of maintenance your boat requires is an important aspect to consider when preparing to make your purchase. If you live in an area where your boat will require special winter storage, you need to ask about your options for that as well. Your maintenance requirements will also depend on where you plan to use your boat and how often. Knowing about these requirements will help determine what kind of maintenance costs you will be looking at.

What Kind of Services Do You Offer?

It is important to know what type of services are offered by your boat dealership and what are their timings and appointment requirements. Some boat dealers will even offer you same day services depending on what the issue is. Having a boat dealer that is accessible and can seamlessly fulfill all your service requirements is something you should look for when deciding whom to purchase your boat from. 

What Kind of Financing Options Are Available?

An experienced boat dealer will be able to help you understand what kind of finance options are available for you to make your purchase. Securing a boat loan requires some research and consulting and you would need to work with a lender specializing in marine financing. 

If you are looking for boats in Palm Beach, talk to us at South Florida Yachts and learn about the brands we represent and all the services we offer.

Are you stocking up your tackle box for your first angling adventure of the year or are you looking to change your go-to lures for the season ahead? Either way, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to fishing lures that exist in every color and size, meant to tackle any situation and condition on the water. 

With hundreds of choices available, it’s not easy picking what goes in your tackle box this season, but we’ll try helping with these tips on some of the favorites today:


Effective under all kinds of conditions, spinnerbaits are a must have for any angler. They vibrate very fast when pulled through the water and fish pick up on them quickly with their lateral lines. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors, allowing you to target a wide range of species. They are also great search baits and can attract the attention of species such as Snook, Flounder, Speckled Trout, as well as Redfish among others. 

Spoon Lures

If you want to imitate a fleeing baitfish, a spoon lure is your best choice. Although it may not resemble something a fish would chase after, the wobble movement it creates under water when retrieved creates a flash that predatory fish immediately go after. These lures are available in extremely small sizes and can be upgraded to a size that’s reliable enough to catch a Giant Pike. 

Soft Plastic Swimbaits

Soft plastic swimbaits can be used in several ways depending on what you are trying to catch and what conditions you’re fishing in. It attracts species such as Snook and Redfish quite easily because of the life-like effect they create when gliding through the water. Another great advantage of using these lures is that they can be fished at almost any depth and usually a simple cast and retrieve approach is all you need to land a bite. 

Topwater Poppers 

The thrill of a topwater strike is almost incomparable for an avid angler waiting and watching for their lure to work its magic. Topwater poppers are plugs with a concave face that create a splash when pulled through the water. Several of them come equipped with rattles inside to create noise on the surface to draw in more fish. Available in several sizes and colors, these lures are a must-have if you are looking for some explosive strikes to take place near the surface of the water. 


Another top water lure that you need in your tackle box if you’re an angler looking to make your catch more exciting. Coming in all colors and sizes, not much work is needed with the rod to make this lure work. An extremely easy to use bait, the jitterbug’s shape and the lip on the front require you just to reel it in for the top water strikes to begin. 

If you’re ready with your tackle box but still are looking at offshore fishing boats to find the perfect one to start your angling adventures with, come see us at South Florida Yachts!

Was spending more time on your boat one of your new year’s resolutions? When you are busy juggling work and family obligations, taking time out for yourself often becomes challenging. But with a little bit of effort and time management, you can pick out weekends or holidays in advance which you plan to spend on your boat – whether you choose to go fishing by yourself or take friends out for a perfect afternoon cruise. Spending time on your boat can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, physically and mentally. 

So, start picking out your boating days for the weeks ahead and go through our list of how to make the most of your time out on the water:

Looking to Relax and Unwind?

If you are feeling burned out because of work and home commitments, your boat can provide you with the perfect escape. Even if it’s just for a few hours on your day off, pack a cooler with some cold beverages, take a book, a pair of binoculars, and enjoy your day unwinding on your boat. Being out on the water, under the sun isn’t just a perfect setting for a relaxing day out but also good for your health. Switch off your calls and alerts, and just enjoy the nature around you!

Need An Adrenaline Rush?

If the thought of a lazy day on your boat isn’t getting you very excited, perhaps you need a thrilling adventure out on the water instead. Stock up your tackle box with some of your favorite lures and plan a fishing trip with a friend or just by yourself. You could try some new fishing techniques or just gear up for whatever you enjoy most. Landing a few great bites and the anticipation while you wait for a catch is sure to make the day a perfect end to a busy week!

How About Some Watersports?

When’s the last time you had your family out on the boat for some quality time together? Whether you want to share some laughter and fun with your kids or bring together some old buddies you haven’t met in a while – your boat can provide you with the perfect setting. Wake boarding, water skiing, and tubing are all fun water activities bound to keep you and your company entertained. 

Sunset With Your Partner

Plan a perfect dining experience with your loved one on your boat with a beautiful sunset on the water as your backdrop. How’s that for a date idea? Think beyond the ordinary dinner and movie dates, and make a classy and romantic evening for both of you by packing a delicious dinner (or checking out a dock-and-dine option) and watching the horizon together, taking in all that the nature around you has to offer at this time of the day.

If you are looking for boats in Palm Beach – whether your first one or to upgrade an existing one, come see us at South Florida Yachts and our experienced crew would be delighted to help you!

Although winter continues to flourish in several parts of the country, in other areas where the cold weather seems a memory of the past, anglers are already kicking off their first excursions of the year. Water temperatures in Florida especially seem to be warming up and offshore fishing prospects are looking good. If you are ready to tackle the open waters, here are some tips to help you make the most of the fishing season ahead. 

Start Out Simple

If you don’t have a lot of experience with offshore fishing, it’s best to start your first few trips of the year fairly simple. You may want to have several rods and rigs in the water simultaneously so that you can maximize your time and enjoy the thrill. This can, however, backfire and end up leaving you with a tangled mess that may just end up ruining your trip altogether. Keep it simple with your technique and equipment. Enjoy yourself instead of trying to challenge yourself. 

Scope Out the Right Places

Having an experienced fishing buddy come along with you is always helpful when you are scoping out the right spots to start off with but sometimes, you’ll find yourself navigating on your own. A navigational GPS and fish finder is a great tool to have onboard so that you don’t waste too much time lingering in places where there is nothing around to be caught. A fish finder can help you see what’s going on below while a navigational GPS can be used to plug in coordinates for fishing locations.

Check the Weather Before Heading Out

It might seem like something really basic but knowing what sort of weather you are going to be heading out in is always a smart idea. Not only can unfavorable weather ruin your fishing prospects, but it can also be quite dangerous for anyone out at sea at the time. Always have your extra gear, navigational devices, and first aid kit onboard when offshore fishing. Also get in the habit of checking the tide schedules each time you are planning a trip in the open waters. 

Get Familiar with What You’ll Be Fishing

When you go offshore fishing, having knowledge about the different type of species you might encounter is a great advantage to have. Knowing what type of fish you will be coming across, and which you are going to be chasing after will help you determine what kind of tackle and bait to bring along. 

Have Your Knots Ready

When you’re fishing offshore, you are going to come across some strong fighters that may challenge your knot-tying skills. Make sure you use a fishing line knot that is strong and can remain intact under tough circumstances. Weak knots can ruin your success in the open water so keep them tight and spend a little time practicing them beforehand if need be.

If you are looking for offshore fishing boats or require specialized service and information on one, call us at South Florida Yachts and someone from our expert team will happily help! 

Although the new year has already kicked in, it’s still not too late to add some resolutions to your list for the months ahead. Along with all the fitness, finance, and family goals that you may plan to be working on, here are a few ideas that can inspire you to enjoy your boating life a little more as well.

Take Better Care of Your Boat

With your boat out of winter storage, it’s time to give it a little extra attention to make sure it will give you a great year ahead. Pick a weekend and spend it all on giving your boat’s interior and exterior a good scrub and wash. You can also make it a point to schedule regular maintenance and service checkups through the year ahead so that it remains in pristine condition. 

Spend More Time on Your Boat

Whether you are an experienced angler or a recreational boater, this year make it a point to take regular time out to spend on your boat, enjoying some sunshine in the open waters. Not only is being outdoors on your boat good for your physical health, but it is also very beneficial for your mental health. Just a few hours on your boat can leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed – so why not make more of an effort to take out the time for it this year? 

Learn a New Fishing Technique

Even if you’ve been fishing for several years, there is always so much more to learn. As angling techniques and equipment keep evolving, you should too! Staying in your comfort zone might be keeping you from learning new skills that could enhance your boating life. This year, whether you opt to take a new boating class or spend time practicing a new fishing technique – make sure to learn something new!

Share Your Love for the Nautical Life

If being on your boat is something you absolutely love to do, why not introduce this passion to a friend or family member as well? Although being out on your boat might be the only way you get to take out some time for yourself, this year why not try taking along someone on your excursions every now and then. Who knows, you may end up finding your new fishing buddy or sparking a love for the nautical life in a child or younger family member!

Upgrade Your Gear and Gadgets 

Have a little extra money saved up to spend on your marine adventures? How about investing in some new gear, gadgets, or electronics for your boat this year. Whether it’s something simple like new life jackets or more technical such as navigational devices – allow yourself to splurge a little on your boat to make your time out on it, even more thrilling and enjoyable. 

And if you decide this is the year you want to upgrade your boat, our expert crew at South Florida Yachts can show you the leading boats in Palm Beach and help you decide what’s right for you.