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For first-time or inexperienced boat owners, maintenance of your vessel might seem completely overwhelming. There are so many components, systems, and surfaces – both internal and external – that require careful cleaning between each boating adventure. All it takes is an incorrect detergent or missed step for that glossy sheen to lose its luster. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes before cleaning your newly acquired boats for sale in West Palm Beach!

Using the Wrong Cleaners

Unlike cars, windows, or other plain surfaces, boats require the use of cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for boats. Plus, with so many different materials involved in the composition of a boat, each one demands an appropriate cleaner. Take a look at the parts of your boat and take inventory of what you have vs. what you’ll need. For example, stainless steel requires metal polish, whereas your exterior will need hull polish.

Not Rinsing Before a Scrub

Though your boat may be in the water during each of its excursions, that does mean that the bottom of it is staying cleaning. Dirt, mud, and debris are all likely to accumulate on the hull, and all of these pose a major threat to your finish. After each trip but before you scrub, be sure to rinse off your boat – this will get rid of surface dust that could scratch the clear coat.

Ignoring the Propeller

No boat can run without its propeller. Though this part of your boat is designed to be low maintenance, it still requires a careful inspection before and after every trip. Keep an eye out for chips and signs of corrosion, especially. Furthermore, if you see anything wrapped around the propeller – such as algae, fishing line, or rope – pull it off. If left unattended, these types of debris can cause lasting damage to the propellor and leave you grounded.

Allowing It to Air-Dry

After each clean, never leave your boat out to air-dry. Though it may not harm your finish, it can give your boat the appearance of being dirty. This is because as the water dries, it leaves behind trace amounts of minerals which make your coat look dull and dingy. Over time, this will produce lots of white specks that compromise your boat’s appearance and value. Instead of drying in the air, wipe your boat down with a microfiber cloth or shammy to really polish it and remove all that buildup.

These are just a few costly mistakes to avoid but there are plenty more to be wary of. For example, always cover your boat when it’s in storage and pay special attention to the upholstery! Proper boat maintenance requires a delicate attention to detail and the expert team at South Florida Yachts can help you out! By taking the time to clean your boat correctly, you will certainly save yourself the time and money of multiple trips right back to boat dealers in Palm Beach County.

A boat is more than an investment into on-the-water adventure for years to come – it’s the start of what should be a fruitful relationship with your West Palm Beach boat dealers of choice, as well. For this reason, the entire process of navigating through Palm Beach boats for sale can seem intimidating to inexperienced buyers. However, the right boat dealer can alleviate some stress and make your purchase easier! Just read on for some helpful tips to get pointed in the right direction.

The Non-Negotiables of a Best Boat Dealer West Palm Beach

When choosing between boat dealers, consider looking for these key factors – no top dealership should be lacking in any of these ways:

  • Customer service must come first and foremost every step along the way. Keep in mind that your boat dealer will be in touch with you often throughout the process of purchasing a boat. If they take too long to answer questions or respond to your needs now, it is likely that this will remain the case years into the future when you may need their assistance again.
  • Each dealership should have a clean and well-organized location. These are the people who not only should sell you a polished boat but also assist with any maintenance questions or services in the future. If their location is unkept, it is sure to reflect poorly on the respect and care that they show towards boats.
  • Location, location, location! Again, consider the fact that you will have to make multiple trips back and forth to your dealer of choice – especially if you ever need to bring the boat back for services or inspections. The perfect boat dealer for you should be conveniently accessible.

Why Doing Your Homework Matters…

Even with these key considerations in mind, it can be difficult to ascertain which boat dealership is the perfect fit for you. However, by researching each of these criteria, you can easily weed out the undesirable boat dealers. To further guide your efforts, consider looking up customer reviews. This can be done by finding testimonials online, but some dealerships may also provide referrals upon request. Any dealership with a bevy of satisfied customers will be eager to share them with you!

…and Why to Buy from South Florida Yachts

Although it may seem on the surface that buying from boat dealers rather than private sellers complicates the process, it actually makes it much easier to handle. This is because every top-notch dealership will provide you with access to a wealth of expertise and knowledge regarding boat inventory and maintenance.

By doing all of the simple research above, you can enjoy peace of mind with your purchase for years to come – especially when you choose South Florida Yachts! As a mainstay of the Florida yacht brokerage industry for over 25 years, we are your best choice for fishing boats in West Palm Beach. Call us today to learn more about our available inventory!

Grab your besties and hop on that Robalo from your favorite boat dealership in Palm Beach County because National Best Friend Day is right around the corner and it’s time to celebrate in style! June 8th is a day dedicated to celebrating your best friends, and there’s no better way to do that than by hitting the water for a day of fun in the sun on our West Palm Beach boats. That’s why our team of experts has curated a list of ideas for you and your besties to do as you hit the water on June 8th. Read on for how to celebrate National Best Friend Day with South Florida Yachts!

For The Adventurous Friends

Celebrating your friendship with your adventurous besties means hitting the water to explore! Whether you decide to explore new places on the water like secluded islands and nearby sandbars or you decide to explore new stops along the shoreline like waterfront restaurants and attractions, treating your adventurous crew to a day full of exploration is a festive way to celebrate your friendship!

For The Daring Friends

National Best Friend Day wouldn’t be complete without treating your daring – and maybe a little competitive – friends to a jam packed day of watersports on your Robalo from South Florida Yachts! Show off your wakeboarding skills or see who can hang on to the tube the longest, and get ready for a fun day of time well spent with your favorite friends on your favorite boat. 

For The Chill Friends

Need an excuse to anchor down and soak up some vitamin “sea” with those chill friends of yours? Well, National Best Friend Day is the perfect reason! Hit the water for a day of relaxation, good music and good company!

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Best Friend Day, the important part is who you choose to spend it with! Your best friends have probably been through a lot with you, so you all enjoy a festive day to celebrate how far you’ve come together. And whether it’s enjoying a relaxing day on your Robalo, getting competitive with some watersports, or anything in between, we hope your National Best Friend Day is one for the books!

From sun protection to durability and everything in between, what you wear on the water matters. That’s why our boat experts for Port St. Lucie boats are here to give you the ultimate breakdown on the do’s and don’ts of boating apparel. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or a cruising fanatic, read on for 5 clothing items every boater needs!

Good For The Sole: Boating Shoes

Slipping your feet into a pair of shoes designed for marine wear will surely take your boating experience to a whole new level of comfort and functionality. WHen shopping for a good pair of boating shoes, there are a couple of directions you could go. Focus on finding a shoe that is built for your functionality, like fishing, and don’t be afraid to try several pairs out before deciding on which one works best for you. 

Fun In The Sun: Protective Shirts

If you spend a lot of time on your boat, then you probably are aware of how important sun protection is. And that doesn’t just mean applying a good amount of sunscreen, Protective clothing is just as important, and with protective shirts, you can be sure to block out these harmful rays and do it in style! Pro tip: Bluer or darker colors tend to reflect or absorb UV light better than whiter colors. 

From Boat To Bar: Functional Shorts

A great option for boaters is what’s called hybrid shorts. This is because of their combination between shorts designed for the water and shorts designed for the dock. If you want to enjoy a day out on the water followed up with a dinner reservation, then hybrid shorts give you the best of both worlds. When shopping for hybrid shorts, focus on the fit, the functionality and the convenience. 

Rain, Rain, Go Away: Rain Gear

Florida weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so stay dry while out on the water with some rain gear. From pants to jackets, boating rain gear should remain waterproof but breathable. Mobility is important when spending time on a boat, so you don’t want to have to deal with heavy, stiff gear that just gets in your way. 

Stay Shady: Essential Eyewear

We’ve already highlighted how important sun protection is, especially in South Florida, and your eyes are no expectation. But thankfully, when it comes to sunglasses, you have plenty of protective and stylish options to choose from in many cases. Look for brands that are specifically designed for the boating lifestyle because these will likely serve best in areas of UV protection, durability and clarity. 

What you wear when spending time on your favorite Robalo isn’t just about looking good, it’s also about having all your bases covered when it comes to functionality and protection. At the end of the day, your boating gear is important, and clothing is certainly included. So next time you hit the water for fun on your boat, gear up and enjoy the day from head to toe!

Here at your trusted South Florida boat dealership, we are passionate about staying on top of the latest and greatest in the boating industry. That includes the fresh, new boats of every season, including the new 2021 R360 from Robalo. As South Florida’s leading Robalo dealership, our Robalo vessels never fail to impress! And this new arrival from Robalo is no exception. Read on for some highlighted features of this new boating masterpiece!

The Biggest Robalo To Hit The Water

It’s true – the R360 is the biggest Robalo vessel to hit the water ever! Setting new standards for its class, this boat comes equipped with an LOA of 36′ 6″ and a beam of 11′ 4″ – talk about mighty!

The Biggest Center Console To Date

But, the R360 isn’t just the biggest vessel from ROablo, it features the biggest center console to exceed all expectations! Raising the bar of excellence, the Robalo R360 is fully equipped with Dual Simrad 16″ NSS16 EVO3 Color Displays, a JL Audio sound system, and three forward facing helm seats with flip-up bolsters.

Capable & Comfortable

All of the amenities and features of the R360 make this incredible not only capable of all your boating needs but it also allows you to achieve them with comfortability and ease. Ready to take on any adventure, this vessel comes available with Triple or Twin engine power, 350 gallon fuel capacity, twin 100 gallon fish boxes, a cabin, and plenty of seating – there’s no shortage of possibilities with the R360!

Whether you’re looking for your first boat or looking to upgrade to a new one, our South Florida boating experts can help you explore all your options – and you might even fall in love with the R360! If these features sound liek the perfect fit for you and your family, just wait until you see the rest. To learn more about the 2021 R360 from Robalo, swing by South Florida Yachts and see it for yourself!

Knowing how to tie knots is essential to making sure whatever boat you operate functions well and is protected. No matter what you use your boat for, you will probably need to know how to tie certain knots for different functions. As South Florida’s best boat dealer, we have curated just a few of the essential knots every boater should know and how to tie them. Read on to learn more!

Cleat Hitch

Often used for Dock Lines, this know attaches the rope of your boat to a cleat. Start by wrapping the rope around the far horn, then bring it around the near horn, and then back across the middle. Make several figure 8’s around the horns, and then if you have some leftover rope, either coil it on the dock or use the tail to tie a Rolling Hitch around the Standing End of the rope.

Figure 8 Knot

This non-binding loop is great for a quick and convenient stopper knot. Start by forming a regular loop with the tail of your rope. Then, continue under and around the standing end and pass the tail down through the loop. Try to avoid coming up through the loop and forming an overhand knot instead. The finished knot should resemble an “8.”

Anchor Hitch

Also known as the Anchor Bend or FIshermen’s Bend, this knot is used to connect an anchor line to an anchor. Start by wrapping the rope twice around the shackle, keeping the second wrap slack. Pass the end of the rope through the loops just created and pull tightly. Wrap the pulled-through end around the standing rope, make a loop and pull to tighten. 

Knots are essential for boats of all kinds to know. Whether you know them all or know a basic few, they can help make your day out of the water more functional and protected. There are so many different kinds of knots that serve different purposes in the boating world, but we hope these basic knots help get you started. And when you’re ready to put these knots into action, visit our boating experts at South FLorida Yachts and we’ll be happy to help you find the boat of your dreams!

Whether you’re looking for Jupiter boats for sale of you already have the boat of your dreams, It’s never a bad idea to brush up on your boat care knowledge. From best practices to helpful tips, as your trusted Jupiter boat dealers, we believe taking proper care of your boat ensures its longevity and your enjoyment! Read on for our guide on how to clean the interior of your boat. 

Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals

Many boats are built with interior features that contain anti-microbials which are your best long-term defense against mold and mildew. That’s why it’s best to avoid any harsh cleaning chemicals that may remove this defense or ruin the finish. Your best bet is to use all-purpose cleaners on your surfaces – this will even save you time and money when cleaning the interior of your boat since all-purpose cleaners are relatively less expensive. 

Tackle Tough Stains with a Spot Cleaner

Life is messy sometimes, so stains happen. Make sure you’re taking care of the stains that do happen on your boat and on its carpet as soon as possible to ensure easier removal. Use a spot cleaner on the stain. Make sure to blot the stain with a towel and rinse the towel frequently to make sure you don’t transfer the stain from the towel back to the carpet. Clean around the stained area as well to make sure the stain doesn’t bleed through to the next spot. 

Treat Metal Differently

When cleaning any metal surfaces, it’s best not to use all-purpose cleaner because it will leave streaks behind. Instead, opt for a metal cleaner paired with a soft cloth. Metals are more of a delicate surface and have a tendency to show scratches, fingerprints and other imperfection more easily unless cared for properly. 

Break Out the Vacuum

If the ocean is a popular boating destination for you and your family, sometimes breaking out the vacuum cleaner is necessary. From sandy feet to snack crumbs, a lot of the fun had while enjoying your boat can get left behind on the carpet. So every now and then, pull out the vacuum and tackle the mess for a quick and easy clean-up. 

If you love your Jupiter boats as much as we do, you’ll surely want to make sure it lasts for a very long time and provide and a great environment for you and your family to spend a decent amount of time. That’s why cleaning the interior of your boat properly provides overall satisfaction. From the right cleaners to the right techniques, there are plenty of variations out there. If you’re looking for whatever is best for your specific type of boat, head over to South Florida YAchts or give us a call and our experts will be happy to assist!

Purchasing a boat can be a big decision, and choosing the right boat dealer in West Palm Beach is imperative to a great experience! The boat dealer you choose should have some key qualities that are very valuable to the boat-buying journey and its success partnered with your enjoyment. The boating lifestyle is fun! But, it’s also a big investment, so make sure you’re equipped with the best team for the job. Read on for three qualities to look for in boat dealerships in Florida!

A Customer-First Mentality

Nothing’s worse than poor customer service in any industry, and it’s no different in the boating industry. Whether you’re looking for which boat you should buy or trying to find that boat you’ve had your eye on for a while, the boat dealership team you work with should listen to your needs, treat you with respect, and establish a genuine working relationship from the very first interaction. Ensuring your needs are met starts with great customer service, and with a customer-first mentality, you can trust that that boat dealership is the one for the job. 


It sounds pretty simple, but sometimes it can be hard to come by. Honesty should be a top quality you look for in a boat dealer because not everything in the boating world is common knowledge. You should be able to trust the ones you are working with. From price transparency to used boat history, your boat dealer should answer your questions clearly and with integrity. 

Industry Expertise

Not all boat dealerships are created equally! That’s why you should look for a boat dealer with extensive industry knowledge and expertise. This ensures that you are able to rely on them to answer your questions, provide you with the best resources, and maybe even help save you some money in the long run! Boating is a big deal, so trust the experts.

South Florida Yachts has been serving South Florida as the premier Robalo boat dealership for over 25 years. That’s why we know how to exceed the expectations of all of our clients, and that’s why we know what you should be looking for when working with a boat dealership in South Florida. If you are looking to buy or sell a boat, we know we are the crew for the job, so give us a call today! But whether you visit us or not, we wish you happiness on a relaxing boat somewhere in the sunshine – because that’s what you deserve!

If you’re looking for a family fun day trip to somewhere unique, but closeby, then Peanut Island is a must-see boating destination! But this island isn’t just known for its beautiful palm trees and gorgeous sandy beaches, it also has a pretty rich history. Discover a few of the reasons many boating enthusiasts love to take a trip to this historic destination:

An Abandoned Peanut Oil Shipping Terminal

After being built in 1918, Peanut Island was originally planned out to serve as a shipping terminal for peanut oil. Though the plan to use it as a peanut oil shipping terminal was abandoned in 1946, the name stuck!

The Kennedy Bunker

Peanut Island is home to a bunker that was built for President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The bomb shelter was built in 1971 in only seven days! Though Kennedy never had to use the bunker, he and his wife are rumored to have visited Peanut Island quite frequently. 

The Birth of Peanut Island Park

Due to the growing popularity of the island to tourists and natives alike, Palm Beach County created Peanut Island Park in 1999. The park rests on the perimeter of the park and is a popular destination for boaters, fishing enthusiasts, nature-lovers, dog-walkers and more!

This little piece of paradise is full of rich and quirky history! So, grab the family, pack the cooler, and head over to Peanut Island for a day of beauty, excitement and more – you never know, you might just learn something new!