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Whether you’re new to yachting or you’ve been an enthusiast for years, you know that the difference between a great day on the water and one that could be better often boils down to the supplies you bring on board. Even with modern day conveniences built in, there are still some basic provisions you should follow to ensure an enjoyable and relaxing excursion for all who travel on your vessel.

That includes considerations such as clothing, snacks and drinks, tools and supplies, and similar. Read on to learn more about what you need for a fantastic time in your yacht.

Safety Provisions

As a responsible sailor, it makes sense that you have safety essentials on board at all times. That could include a first aid kit, life jackets, necessary medications (including allergy supplies and prescriptions), and more.

It’s also important to ensure that your seacraft is always in top shape. Over time, some vessels can fall into disrepair from which it’s nearly impossible to recover. That’s when it’s time to seek a new craft. Thankfully, there are outlets with trusted and dependable brokers who can help you select the ideal new yacht to perfectly match your unique desires and requirements.

Creature Comforts

Along with the mentioned items (including food and drinks), you’ll also want to pack those belongings that will help everyone on board feel comfortable and content. So, you could make sure that the cooler is stocked (and you have backups on hand for later). You should remember other items such as sunscreen, towels, toys and games for the kids, a waterproof camera, and similar.

Depending on where your travels might take you, it’s also wise to remember passports and other identification. You may also wish to store belongings in watertight containers in case they get wet. For this purpose, you could select plastic baggies, glass storage containers, or custom options.

Other Essentials

While certainly not required, many sailors enjoy flying flags that represent their home port. This could be a country or state flag, family crest, favorite sports team, or other idea. This shows that you’re an enthusiast who loves to have fun and meet like-minded people who share your same interests. You’ll also have your own provisions and considerations so you can be sure that you and your loved ones have a fun, relaxing, and productive day on the water.

A Comfortable and Functional Yacht

As mentioned (and similar to other vehicles), every yacht has its time. That means you can and should look into replacing your craft every so often. Sometimes, the reason behind a new purchase of this kind could be simply because you want a change of pace. Luckily, today’s yachts have personalized features such as ample storage, power options, comfort essentials, and similar. You can even find the best size and amenities for your wants and needs.

The process begins by partnering with a company that’s a proven leader in the communities they serve. For more than 25 years, we’ve been proud to assist countless clients just like you from our two South Florida locations in Palm Beach and Stuart. Contact us today with all your questions, and to learn more about you can get started with a spacious and comfortable new yacht.

Boat making circular wake in water

As long as sailors like you have been enjoying and exploring the open seas, there have been varying thoughts and traditions surrounding this favored pastime. Some superstitions have passed by the wayside with the advancement of newer technology that allows you to see all that’s occurring around you. Still, other concepts remain.

For instance, some people believe that certain activities bring bad luck, while others swear good luck can come by practicing a few basic provisions. Read on to learn more about sailing superstitions, and also basic and generally agreed upon etiquette on board a yacht personalized to your unique preferences and requirements.

Sailing Superstitions

As mentioned, some sailors through the years have been convinced that certain activities on board their craft could bring bad luck. That includes things such as whistling, sailing on certain days, and even leaving bananas behind after visiting land. By contrast, supposed good luck omens include seeing certain wildlife on your journey (such as dolphins and albatross), wearing special clothing or jewelry, and similar.

Then there are other superstitions such as stepping on board with the right foot, not shaving or cutting hair while out on the water, pouring some of your drink overboard for good measure, and watching the color of the sunset and sunrise to determine the best time to sail.

Sailing Etiquette

When you purchase a high-quality yacht that’s ideal for your specific lifestyle and use preferences, you call the shots on the water. Here’s where you can log countless enjoyable days with friends and loved ones — forging special memories that could last a lifetime.

That stated, there are some basic “rules of the water” that many sailors have abided by for years. For example, it’s best to listen to what the captain of the craft has to say and to follow their rules. This is often a safety measure more than anything else. On the water, it’s important to follow the “right of way” and yield to your fellow seacraft when appropriate and necessary.

As a responsible sailor, you already abide by the rules of the sea and make sure to always be aware of your wake, especially when vulnerable wildlife could be present. There are also tried-and-true methods concerning anchoring, harbor etiquette, environmental considerations, and similar.

Every Day Enjoyment on the Water

Of course, the number one “rule” of sailing is to truly enjoy yourself, and work to create a relaxing and pleasant experience for everyone on board your craft. That starts by selecting a well-built yacht that perfectly matches your individuality and unique personality. But you can’t just go anywhere for an outstanding yacht. Instead, you want and deserve to work with a company that has a proven track record of success, and has built a solid reputation in the communities they serve.

For more than 25 years, we’ve delighted countless yachting enthusiasts from our two convenient South Florida locations in Palm Beach and Stuart. Here’s where fashion and function meet, as you can choose the best yacht for your specific needs. Browse our website to get a feel for our inventory. Then, contact us today to get started on your next yachting excursion.

You have a passion for the water and the natural beauty of your local community. Now, you can take those values and neighborhood stewardship to a new level by focusing on ways that you can assist with local goals relating to philanthropy and outreach.

Many established entrepreneurs and global marketplace leaders already support non-profit organizations focused on a variety of positive endeavors. Other yachting enthusiasts have even donated their seacraft when it’s time to get a new yacht. Read on to learn more ways you can turn your passion into real and appreciated service to others.

Foster a Strong Local Community

Perhaps you’re already part of an established Yacht Club. Along with camaraderie and celebrating a shared passion, these groups assist various charities and organizations in their communities.

That could include ensuring students at local schools have all the tools they need to succeed. You might also search for needy non-profits in the area that could benefit from a hand up. Along with funds, you could also donate your time. Some Yacht Clubs even offer incentives for members to reach out to the community in this fashion.

Team with an Established Foundation

There are many state, regional, and national foundations associated with yachting that are doing a wealth of good in the communities they serve. For instance, the U.S. Sailing Foundation brings awareness to the fun and enjoyment of being on the water. At the same time, the group awards grants to both national and worldwide organizations.

Other foundations focused on sailing awareness and community outreach include America True, Skiff Sailing Foundation, St. Francis Yacht Club Foundation, and several regional and university-affiliated outlets.

Help Educate the Next Generation

In fact, many of the funds raised through foundation support and local outreach efforts go to STEM research and education. In this way, you could be part of fostering a new generation of scientists and professionals who work toward sustaining the environment and keeping intact the base elements that make sailing possible and enjoyable.

In addition, you might consider hosting small groups of children and youth on your yacht. The lessons and insight they learn could translate into lifelong commitments and learning paths.

Donate Your Yacht

Every good yacht has a sunset period. Maybe your vessel no longer meets your needs. Or perhaps it’s just time for a change. When you donate your yacht, you can benefit from a tax deduction and help your community at the same time. Then, you can begin the search for a new yacht that ideally suits your unique lifestyle preferences and requirements.

For 25 years, South Florida Yachts has been a leader in the Florida yacht brokerage industry. Our focus on delivering a consistently-stellar customer experience has made us one of the most well-respected dealers in the nation. We have two convenient South Florida locations to serve you in Palm Beach and Stuart. Browse our website to view our inventory and learn more about the company. Then, contact us today to secure your new yacht.

Black and white boats with mountains in the background

Whether you’re the proud owner of an amazing vessel, in the market for your first yacht, or simply love to be out on the sea, by engaging in your hobby, you join a group of water enthusiasts that can be traced back thousands of years.

While today’s yachts have all the comforts, safety features, and essential items you want and need, famous seacraft of history have always delighted sailors at their specific time periods in history. Here are some of the most popular: 

Explorer Ships

You likely learned in school about the three ships that Christopher Columbus brought to explore what’s now known as North America: the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria (sometimes called La Gallega). Of the five crafts Ferdinand Magellan commissioned for his travels (Trinidad, San Antonio, Conception, Victoria, and Santiago), the famous explorer was known to have officially captained the Trinidad.          

Then there are other well-known ships such as Charles Darwin’s Beagle and others. It’s clear that the open waters have always been a draw for explorers and ocean buffs alike.

Military Vessels

Prior to other advanced machinery, ships were central to battle. Even today, aircraft carriers and the like are essential to the continued success of the nation’s armed forces. Back in 1863, the C.S.S. Hunley was revolutionary for its time. The Confederate army proudly used this example of naval engineering until it was torpedoed by Union forces in 1864.

Following the end of its useful military service, the U.S.S. Constitution (also known as Old Ironsides) became a floating museum in 1907, and is still seen today in Boston, Massachusetts. Another famous vessel, the U.S.S. Missouri, floated into Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. It was the site of the signing of surrender documents that ultimately contributed to the end of World War Two.

Luxury Cruisers and Research Ships

Perhaps the best known luxury liner is the R.M.S. Titanic, which met an infamous and unfortunate end. Other renowned ships of the time included the S.S. Great Britain, the R.R.S Sir David Attenborough, the H.M.S. Belfast, and others. Today, the cruising industry enjoys wild success, as people from all over the globe flock to ports to log a fun and comforting holiday on the water.

Modern Marvels

While today’s yachts look different and have state-of-the art technology, features, and amenities than the seacraft mentioned here, the base enjoyment you get from a relaxing afternoon on the water remains. Now, you can take your love for seaside fun to a new level by selecting the ideal yacht for your specific desires and requirements.

With two convenient South Florida locations to serve you in Palm Beach and Stuart, our friendly and knowledgeable brokers can assist you in finding the best craft to deliver years of sailing serenity. Browse our website to get to know our inventory. Then, contact us today to learn how you could own a spacious and luxurious yacht of your own.

Super Bowl Sunday is coming to Miami! As we cruise into a weekend of football fun, you may notice some changes in the South Florida and Miami area as the city prepares for the action ahead. Just read on as we take a closer look.

Cruising into town

If you’re cruising into town to soak up some of the Super Bowl fun, you’re not alone! In fact, one NFL team owner made quite a splash by rolling in on a $250 million-dollar super yacht, docked just in time for the football festivities. According to Sports Illustrated, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has reportedly brought his 357-foot yacht, the Bravo Eugenia, to Miami for some Super Bowl fun. According to Forbes, the super yacht (which is longer than a football field—something Jones knows lots about!) has a garage, luxury spa and other on-board amenities, enough to rival even the most glamorous hotels back on shore.

Of course, this is not the only super yacht we expect to see in town over Super Bowl weekend. While everyone’s daydreamed about a ride like this, we’re just happy to be on the water. As they say—“have boat, will travel!”

Inside the Super Bowl Safety Zone

Miami is already home to a lively boating scene—add to this the excitement of Super Bowl weekend, and officials expect it to be especially busy! Fortunately, the Coast Guard has established a new security zone that will run through Feb. 3. Spanning from the Venetian Causeway south toward the Miami River, this security zone will require boaters to cruise at a slow, cautious speed in the area. Plus, the Coast Guard has brought additional personnel to Miami waters to help keep boaters safe all weekend long.

(Tip: As always, put safety on your side this Super Bowl weekend and all year long! Keep an eye on your surroundings, ensure that your on-board safety essentials and lights are properly working, and maintain a steady speed when maneuvering around boats and other obstacles.)

On-the-water activities

This weekend may be all about football, but there is also plenty to do on the water! Head to your favorite offshore spot and enjoy a “game-winning” catch of your own, or swing by your favorite waterfront grill to catch the game al fresco.

You don’t need a ticket to the big game to enjoy this weekend on the water—or any weekend in South Florida, for that matter! If you’re on the market for boats for sale in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area, South Florida Yachts has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about finding your dream ride at a price you love!

Even after the Super Bowl crowds clear away, the excitement in Miami will be as alive as ever. The Miami International Boat Show is cruising into town on Feb. 13, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy show weekend fun, on and off the water!

Take a look below as we share five fast facts worth knowing as you prepare for the show.

The show takes place in a historic marine stadium

For avid boaters and history buffs alike, the setting of the Miami International Boat Show is a point of interest. The Miami Marine Stadium served as an important part of Miami’s burgeoning boating and water sports scene in the 60s, 70s and beyond, during which it served as a center of culture and on-the-water action. As a one-of-a-kind concert venue, it has even hosted the likes of Queen, The Who, Aretha Franklin and more!

While Hurricane Andrew damaged the stadium in 1992, it has since undergone restoration efforts and was recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. Its unique coastal environment makes it the perfect place to explore during show weekend.

There will be plenty of opportunities for international insights

Dreaming about cruising to a tropical getaway of your own? You’re in Miami, a center of cultural exchange, so there will be plenty of opportunities to explore unique flavors, cultures and cruising styles. You can also swing by seminars such as “Cruising in the Bahamas,” which will teach you everything you need to know about navigating the islands, familiarizing yourself with the local weather, finding choice cruising spots and much more.

Your dream boat awaits

Before the big journey, you need a boat of your own! It’s waiting to be discovered at this year’s show. Swing by South Florida Yachts to share in the boat show fun and browse the latest models, and to learn more about how we can find you the ideal ride (at a price you feel great about)!

Even kids can get in on the fun

Even young boaters and anglers can share in the boat show fun. “Fishing for Kids,” for example, is a great opportunity for kids to pick up helpful skills and learn how to care for the marine environment.

Opportunities abound for local thrills

Of course, you’ll want to do some Miami sightseeing while you are in the area! From beautiful Bayside Marketplace, to the lush, historical grounds of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, there are plenty of by-the-water vistas to explore very close to the boat show fun. You can enjoy a breezy trip aboard your own boat or, if you don’t already have one, hop on a complimentary water taxi and enjoy the view as you head to the show! If you’ve been browsing boats for sale in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area, you won’t want to miss out on this year’s show. Stop by to see South Florida Yachts during your visit, and feel free to call us any time to learn more about our wide selection of family fishing vessels, bay boats, center consoles and much more.

Looking for a premier boat show in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area? Head up the coast to beautiful Stuart, where the 2020 Stuart Boat Show is gearing up for a weekend of fun, fishing tips, and, of course, a chance to find the boat of your dreams.

Just read on as we share a brief guide on how to get the most out of this year’s show!

Learn more about landing the catch

One of the most rewarding parts of any boat show is the opportunity to learn more about the sport of boating and fishing—and the Stuart Boat Show is no exception! Plan to attend seminars like Surf Fishing for Pompano, Destinations & Navigation or even Teaching Kids to Save the Planet, plus many more. These seminars give you the chance to gain meaningful, first-hand insights from the experts—just like your favorite class at school, simply set against the backdrop of a beautiful boat show weekend.

Enjoy an offshore adventure

Of course, one of the most powerful ways to learn is to get out on the water and try something new! If you haven’t already fished Stuart’s offshore scene, this is a must-do destination for all anglers. Stuart is the Sailfish Capital of the World, so it’s the perfect place to try for the majestic, powerful fish alongside your go-to fishing crew. Catching a sailfish in Stuart is a photo-worthy achievement—but land the catch or not, your time on the water is something you’ll treasure long after show weekend is over!

Explore Stuart’s charming waterfront scene

Before or during the show, you will want to make time to explore Stuart’s charming Main Street. Characterized by beautiful buildings, one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants and, of course, the sweet scent of salty air, you will enjoy some time perusing this unique by-the-water destination.

Pick up a one-of-a-kind gift

The holiday season may be over, but who says you can’t still find the perfect gift—even if it’s for yourself? This year’s show will feature more than 175 exhibitors, including jewelers, marine accessory suppliers and many more—so pick out a cool keepsake to bring home or enhance your on-the-water experience!

Find the boat you’ve been dreaming of

Of course, our favorite gift has to be a new boat—and here at the Stuart Boat Show, you may find your very own! Whether you’re on the market for a center console, bay boat or a lux upgrade to your current ride, South Florida Yachts will be at the show to help you find exactly what you are looking for—at a price you can truly feel good about.

As the largest Treasure Coast boat show, this year’s event is not one to miss! We hope today’s guide helps you enjoy your show weekend to the fullest. And of course, we’re here to help you find the perfect ride or upgrade all year long. Just call or visit South Florida Yachts to learn more.

Sure, winters in South Florida may not be known for roaring fires or a “white Christmas,” but take a closer look and you’ll see—our holiday spirit is alive and well! Just read on to see a few of our favorite festive ways to spend the season, on and off the water.  

Do holiday shopping by the water

Looking for ways to avoid the holiday shopping scramble? Head to a unique destination where the emphasis is on the pleasure of shopping for one-of-a-kind-finds, not deals and doorbusters! There are many waterfront destinations throughout South Florida where you can have some fun and do a little shopping, too. One of our favorites is the West Palm Beach GreenMarket, which takes place every Saturday right by the water. Here, you will be able to snack on fresh baked goods—their scents wafting through the coastal air—as you browse through candles, soaps, gourmet goodies, dog treats, flowers and many more meaningful gifts for the people on your list. The market is held from 9 a.m.-1 p.m., so keep your afternoon open for some boating fun!

Participate in a holiday boat parade

Pair your love of boating and festive fun at one of South Florida’s famous boat parades! You can deck out your boat and participate in events like the Palm Beach Holiday Boat Parade on Dec. 7, Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade on Dec. 15, or the Winterfest Boat Parade in Fort Lauderdale on Dec. 14! Even if you’re not cruising in the parade, you can still swing by and enjoy the show from shore—these extravagant light displays and beautiful boat decorations are not to be missed.

See snow…

There’s a lot to love about winter in South Florida—but for those who pine for the majestic beauty of a snowy holiday, South Florida has you covered. Head to CityPlace in West Palm Beach to enjoy nightly snowfall and a truly beautiful, playful scene the whole family will enjoy.

… and a new kind of Christmas tree

South Florida’s “Sandi” isn’t your average Christmas tree—in fact, sculpted out of 700 tons of sand, there’s no tree in the world like her! See the uniquely Sunshine State sight for yourself in West Palm Beach from Dec. 5-30.

Enjoy quality time with your furry friend

Who better to spend the holidays with than your furry best friend? On a beautifully brisk South Florida afternoon, head to a dog-friendly destination like Bark Beach in Boca Raton where Fido can run around, dig in the sand, enjoy the water and, most importantly, share your company! Your pet can even enjoy some quality time off-leash in designated areas. This is also a great time of year to bring your dog out for a ride on the water—she probably likes the sea breeze and salty air just as much as you do!

Warm up with the manatees

You didn’t need another reason to visit South Florida Yachts’ new location in Riviera Beach, but here’s one anyway: manatees!

FPL’s Riviera Beach Next Generation Clean Energy Center is home to a natural manatee lagoon thanks to its warm water—at this time of year, when the weather gets a little cooler, nature’s gentle giants (a.k.a. sea cows) gather at the lagoon to warm up, much to the delight of spectators up above. Gathering around the lagoon with family and friends to try and spot a family of manatees (or a few dozen of them, depending on the day!) is a great way to spend the holiday season, and has become a sort of holiday tradition for locals and visitors alike.

(Tip: While there are no boats in Manatee Lagoon, you may find yourself sharing the water with manatees this winter. Always keep an eye on posted speed limits and other signage, as well as the water below you, and cruise carefully to help keep the water safe for these beautiful creatures.)

Go fishing

Stuart is the Sailfish Capital of the World, and winter is the best time to fish for this majestic catch! For avid anglers, there’s no greater gift than the thrill of landing one of these skilled swimmers. Get your fellow anglers together for a holiday outing at your favorite offshore spot.  

Host holiday gatherings on the water

Even if you’re not going fishing, your boat is a great place to host holiday gatherings! Invite friends and family out for an al fresco lunch of easy bites like fruit skewers or grilled seafood sandwiches. You can even use your boat as the venue for fun holiday traditions like a White Elephant gift exchange. After all, there aren’t too many places where you can sport shorts and a light sweater during the middle of December, so embrace it!

We hope that these seasonal ideas help you embrace the holiday spirit on and off the water! Of course, if you’re looking for the perfect gift this season—even a gift for yourself—South Florida Yachts is here to help make it happen with the boat of your dreams. Call or visit us today to learn more.

While you wouldn’t know it by our beautiful palm trees or breezy shorts-and-boat shoes weather, winter is here in West Palm Beach! One of the best ways to mark the beginning of the season is to visit the West Palm Beach Winter Boat Show on Dec. 13-15.

Just read on as we share five easy ways to enjoy the show and the surrounding area!

Find the boat of your dreams

The main attraction at this year’s show is, of course, the boats! Featuring center consoles, bay boats and everything in between, this is the perfect time to check out the boat you’ve been dreaming of in person—or to stumble upon the ideal ride! South Florida Yachts will be attending this year’s show to answer any questions you may have about our selection or the boat-buying process. (Tip: Even if you’re not ready to buy a boat just yet, swing by and enjoy the day with family! Not only is it a great atmosphere filled with water lovers like you, but you may be able to learn more about the style of boat you’re most interested in, or to familiarize yourself with the purchase process so you know what to expect later on.)

Pick out a new water toy or accessory

In addition to the boats themselves, the West Palm Beach Winter Boat Show will feature plenty of personal watercraft and accessories to browse through. Once you have the dream ride, you naturally want to make your on-the-water experience even better with thrilling additions like these! So browse around and pick out something that takes your cruising to the next level.

While you’re in town…

West Palm Beach is filled with fun opportunities to enjoy beyond the boat show, too! Once you’re in the area and have enjoyed some quality time at the show, be sure to stick around for activities such as…

Go fishing

From West Palm Beach, you’re not far from some of South Florida’s very best fishing opportunities. As you cruise the Intracoastal Waterway, you can prepare for a seriously fun inshore adventure—and then, as you make your way out to sea, you’re sure to be in for some equally enjoyable offshore action. At this time of year, close-to-shore catches include crevalle jack, sheepshead and mangrove snapper. Venture a bit farther out and you will discover prized catches like sailfish or blackfin tuna, to name just a few.

Visit the West Palm Beach Warehouse District

West Palm Beach is home to a unique shopping experience you won’t find just anywhere in South Florida! The West Palm Beach Warehouse District features shops and casual dining venues (each with a one-of-a-kind character) built into industrial warehouses from the 1920s through the 1960s. Browse around and pick up a beautiful plant or old record, or savor a delicious dessert—there’s no wrong way to spend an afternoon at the Warehouse District!

Grab a bite

If you’re a boater, you might just feel yourself being pulled toward destinations like Clematis Street, a beautiful row of shops and restaurants that runs right up to the Intracoastal Waterway. Before you head back to the water for some boating fun—or perhaps after a long day on the water—grab a bite at one of Clematis’ beloved restaurants, with picks ranging from classical Italian to fresh seafood and everything in between. It’s the perfect place to recap your boat show adventure, or to start planning to purchase your next ride! Now that you’re equipped with a guide to all things West Palm Beach, we can’t wait to see you at this year’s show!

The world’s largest in-water boat show is back! As we celebrate the beginning of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, just read on as we take a closer look at some of the highlights, including fun ways to enjoy the local area by water. Let’s jump right in.

Explore the “Venice of America”

For much of the country, boat show season is a time for boots, coats, and daydreaming about a return to the water come spring and summer. Here in South Florida, though, you don’t have to dream! Even in late October, Fort Lauderdale is a warm, sunny paradise ready to be explored by boat. You can cruise along the famous Intracoastal Waterway that earned Fort Lauderdale its nickname of “Venice of America.” The Intracoastal is lined with beautiful waterfront homes as well as shopping, dining and cultural opportunities to discover! Plus, even if you don’t yet have your dream ride (or you simply want to enjoy a hands-free afternoon), you can get around by hopping aboard a local water taxi or cruise.

Dig in

With such an abundance of fresh seafood and world-class dining opportunities to discover, you owe it to yourself to dig in during show weekend! Dock and dine at one of the many lux al fresco eateries that line the Intracoastal Waterway, or grill up your own fresh catch on board as you soak in the sea breeze.

There will be plenty of culinary fun at the show itself as well. Foodies will enjoy events such as the show’s 2nd Annual Sunset Soiree & Yacht Chef Competition, where seasoned yacht chefs will put their skills to the test crafting delicious, gourmet meals—and you will have the pleasure of tasting them!

Live the luxury lifestyle

You can’t help but feel luxurious while spending time in Fort Lauderdale. It’s the Yachting Capital of the World, after all, and there are plenty of opportunities for those seeking to savor the luxury experience. You can join the Windward VIP Club to enjoy drinks, special events and a comfortable lounge to cool off in, for example, or simply treat yourself to DIY elegance with a hand-crafted picnic by the beach. There is no shortage of ways to indulge your luxurious side during show weekend.

Discover your dream ride

One of the big reasons why people come to boat shows is, of course, to find their dream ride—and you will certainly have plenty of opportunities to do that at this year’s show! Members of the South Florida Yachts sales team can be found at the Bob Hewes Robalo tent to answer questions about finding your perfect ride for boaters local to our area. You can also check out our beautiful 40’ Schaefer at the Schaefer Yachts tent!

Amplify your on-the-water adventure

Already have a boat to call your own? This year’s show also offers an abundance of ways to amplify your current setup with inflatables, apparel, boat accessories and other must-haves. You can also indulge your artistic side at The BlueWild Watersports and Marine Art Expo, treat the kids to a fishing lesson or learn something new yourself! With so many exhibits, seminars and other exciting opportunities to enjoy, you’ll be able to celebrate your love of boating in a big way.

We hope that these tips help you enjoy the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show to the fullest! The fun begins on Wednesday, Oct. 30 and runs through Sunday, Nov. 3. It’s just the beginning of a lively South Florida boat show season, so stay tuned to South Florida Yachts as we share news and updates on upcoming events throughout the area—and of course, be sure to browse through our expansive inventory to find the ride of your dreams.